Optics of the Ka-52

This subject matter was already handled and explained by the Technical Mods.

Also the 2nd video where,

The video was zoomed in by a lot and was not resized in aspect ratio. Even if they were to be shooting at farm equipment, the quality of the image is still far better then the video examples since once again the screens they’re looking at are smaller then a 1920x1080p stretched out / and also zoomed in video.

That arguments falls apart. You can easily chock it up to crew incompetence.

You’re also very late to this discussion (About 4 Months Late) So there isn’t any point in discussing this any further, just read the rest of the post before commenting on the first thing you see.

There are other videos officially released, where by the quality of the digits and other symbology indicates that the video is not degraded by compression etc.
An on such videos where the target is 9km away is impossible, unlike in WT, to ID type not even class of the engaged vehicle.

“The video was zoomed in by a lot and was not resized in aspect ratio. Even if they were to be shooting at farm equipment, the quality of the image is still far better then the video examples since once again the screens they’re looking at are smaller then a 1920x1080p stretched out / and also zoomed in video.”
Crew incompetence? More like kamovs optics not good enough to see what you are targeting beyond few Km. It is literally hard for anyone to try and distinguish what the equipment is, in combat you can’t always go closer to take a look. Its pretty obvious its not crew incompetence if a better imaging system would fix this issue and also to the fact all of us had a hard time figuring out what the targeted vehicle was. Imagine not being able to identify your target within weapons range…

@Smin1080p Following up on this - the AH129D is missing much of its IRL zoom power (optical zoom) because zoom values are based on day camera.
Please revisit so that the AH129D gets something worth grinding for over the A129CBT, other than the Spikes and MAWS, both very lackluster.

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videos on youtube are highly compressed, and will never show F.L.I.Rs true resolution. I actually talk to a FLIR technician that operates FLIR for the u.s military.

bro you are onto something, apache thermals look significantly better looking at a smaller target that is also probably more distant. not to mention when were those apache videos from?

Meh, most of “thermal/optical” kill cams from the late 90 till this day got compressed a lot but Ka-52 thermal standard is very good compare to other NATO standards, with the same optic/thermal device but with better image processing algothrim will output better image.
Also, this is some of rare video show Ka-52 thermal with the direct view from the “aiming device” without decompression.


-Start at 1:26
Trực thăng KA-52 bắn tên lửa Vikhr-1.Trung bình nó mang theo 12 đạn Vikhr-1 trên 2 giá treo cùng với các pod rocket. Vikhr-1 có tầm bắn 10km , vận tốc... | By Hội Hóng Tin Quân SựFacebook

This is clearly the day camera, not thermal. Now it makes more sense why they use daycam optical zoom as the standard.


Weird, in blog they said that it thermal, maybe it is like you said but i alway see this type of optic when ka-52 combat footage released.

Ah yes, its the day camera, just check it.
This might be the real footage though.



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Anyway russians produce nothing that is worth mentioning anywhere

Clearly offending everyone stating the obvious

So flagging army is on the way again ?

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No, they dont. Russia only equips spetsnaz with night vision because they don’t produce enough of them . China night vision is a watered down version of digital optics, The chinese are now just developing the resolution of FLIR that LockHeed & Martin made in 1996.

Tankograd: T-80 (thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com)

Ony in the past 7 years have russia caught up with producing combat capable thermals for their vehicles, and they are still sub-par vs what the U.S has, this isn’t even a opinion, this is a fact. Look at the KA-52 Vs AH-64s thermals in a side by side comparison (DOWNGRADED TO 720 PIXEL, CUZ YOUTUBE )


You see the difference in image quality?

  • Do the American widely uses Night vision for every troop ?
  • Bet that you not even know what the purposes of Night vision being equipeed “for infantry” and when it should be used.
  • Digital zoom on tanks ?, bruh, digital zoom on a sight (not even thermal) is suck in every aspect compare to Optical zoom, FLIR for infantry ?, again, even the American struggle to widely used “normal night vision” to every men in a squad. Ka-52 optic sucks, holy, tell that to LMUR with 25km range fired blindly, Sosna-U (T-72B3/T-80BVM) sucks, again, 5~6km is enough and it can fire precisely to the max range of the ammo (and according to Thales, it’s max rang is 8km for day)

And this is <2km of FLIR, gosh, what a fair comparison.

When the Situation is needed, Yes.

25 kilometer blind fire? That must be why there are so Many T-14s being used right now? Stop trying to cope dude.

Did i say anything about day fighting? Im specifically talking about FLIR/ NVDs Which russia lacks. The current " special military operation " should be all the proof you need.

I mean we can go out farther if you want, the image quality on the KA-52 still isn’t beating the AH-64

2 YEARS AGO THE ka52 PILOTS JUST GOT GEO-ONV1-01M https://youtu.be/JFqOxT9O6C8 The U.S have had this quality for over what 20 years now?

Chinese using the same goggles, how far do you want me to go back to show you U.S NVDs? https://youtu.be/gFUxMPqX6S0

So then the Russia, why they need to use something with worse FOV and most of the battle is happen on day time ?

Tell me then, you just react and throw some image without any fair comparison.

Do you know what the hack is LMUR , too many guys refuses to accept that Russian thermal/FCS is advanced enough, at least compare to NATO standard ?

What they lack ?, all T-72B3/BVM/90M stil got thermal device, T-90M even has better version call PNM-T. All of them get to the battlefield, do their job, heavy loss duo to fight many “advanced Freedom’s weapon” being called game changer, change what ?.

Even the bottom of the line is T-62M got upgraded with thermal (although it and T-55A mostly do artilery job)

Bruh, a random video with a guy show off “small device” and you belive that the whole FLIR system of Ka-52 ?, woah, what an honour.



This is something you should ask the russians. Oh and if you have one said that only wants to fight during the day, that should tell you something…

I literally put the AH-64E and the KA-52 FLIR side by side for comparison. How do you not see the difference in image quality, you can literally count the pixels.

Its a missile , unless you mean a LEMUR DRONE? IM actually confused on this one.