Opinions on realistic fire control system for tanks?

It would be nice to introduce the fire control system in simulator mode first for testing, and maybe eventually add it to realistic mode. For the current state of the game I believe adding more mechanics is better than adding more new top tier vehicles. Thoughts?


And are you gonna provide more info for this “suggestion” or just leave readers at guessing?

Definitely not, waaay too much work for a company that already has way too many in-game systems on their hand.

You know modern fire control system can automatically calculate the lead for you even when you and your target are both on the move. Advanced fire control system is one of the most significant feature to distinguish modern MBTs from early cold war era MBTs and ww2 tanks. Dunno how gaijin will implement FCS to the game but here are my thoughts: press rangefinder key and keep track of your target until rangefinding process complete, then you can fire without calculate the lead by hand, unless the target suddenly stops or changes direction drastically.

It should get added, though we really need to see proper optic reticles added for all vehicles first, instead of this silly copy-paste-for-everything one. The goofy and awful-for-gameplay optics inside barrels in AB/RB needs to go too. So many of Ground’s meta/balance/etc issues (especially RB) come from this silliness.

Sounds like another thing that will take skill out of the equation, like auto ranging LRFs. It would be cool, but it isn’t needed in my opinion.

You can go to simulator battles then, and if you want you can bring it to AB/RB too.

Imagine the gnashing of teeth when guys who have played for years snap shotting with manual added lead, sudden have to retrain their muscle memory to pick up a steady track…
Watch video of WT players who try GHPC. lol

Oh boy, that will make top tier fun. Imagine this, 2km away at full speed, click a button lock, click mouse for kill. I’m all for adding features, but by no means does this game need automatic firing solutions in ground battles for ground to ground engagements. You aren’t even at ranges where it would require the use of an automatic FCS. The gameplay for top tier is already bad enough with thermals and laser rangefinders making everyone perfect at spotting and deadly accurate. This is one feature that I think would actually cripple any enjoyment that could be had.

Just think about being a tank that sees these FCS in an uptier. You’d be done before you had a chance.

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Imagine gaijin giving mbts an aimbot. That is the suggestion.

Not an aimbot and not automatic. You have to hold a steady track of center mass of the target. There is no “lead circle” that you just click on the way you do today. In a lot of ways its harder.


Just a friendly reminder that this is a video game for enjoyment, not for recreating reality. Forced aiming perspective can be added when Gaijin adds sights that relfect that offset. Until then, simulator can keep that feature.

It is automatic, if you can simply hold your cursor/sight on center mass and hit a target without leading, that is 100 percent automatic, and pretty close to a full on aimbot.

If you are aiming center mass on a moving target and hit them. Sounds like it gives automatic lead.

To me, it sounds like top tier game play will be “aim at tank, doesnt matter range or if they are moving, and click”

Not simple. To get the proper lead you have to steadily track the target until the computer induces the correct lead. Go in a test drive and try to follow the moving tank for a while with out jerking the crosshairs off of it at all.


If that is how they would work, there would be zero use for the system in the game. There is hardly ever a time where you can get an enemy driving in the open for a significant amount of time. Even then, they would die quickly now with how easy it is to lead targets with the high speed of apfsds.

Its actually less for the enemy target, but to compensate for your own movement. Its the only way to get “first round hit on the move” capability. The game fudges quite a lot of the ballistics in the name of “simucade”.

Yeah, it sort of has to due to being an mmo. If they could figure out a way to better simulate ballistics for the quantity of real time calculations it has to do, i would like to see it changed.

For balancing issue I got some ideas from the RTS game Wargame. If your optics (or the FCS module inside) got hit not only you need to repair them, your fire control system together with laser rangefinder are also affected. LRF will become unavailable before you finish repairing, and the fire control computer needs some time to restart before it can function again.