Operation Weserübung - The invasion of Bergen - April 9 1940

The invasion of Bergen


This is a suggestion for a naval map, wich would take place in the fjords of Norway outside Bergen city. This would proably be condisered a Semi-Historical map? There have been battles between Norwegian and German warships here, but nothing full-scale and it lasted for a few months afterward, with the first weeks being the most intense.

This could be a nice map for naval battles to take place, featuring both a beautifyl landscape and some terrain that would affect gameplay in a good way.

The Fjords here are not very small, so for larger battleships, cruisers etc should have no problem being used there



center]During the first period of the Second World War, both the warring parties, Germany and the Allies, saw the value of Norway’s geographical position. The country was most important for Germany because of the transport of iron ore from Swedish mines via the ore port in Narvik and along the Norwegian coast to Germany, the German armaments industry was completely dependent on this ore. They were therefore afraid that the Allies would block the supply of this ore, and as a result an occupation of Denmark and Norway became a theme, and Operation Weserübung was planned.[/center]

Above is the plan of the invasion. Showing the various routes and the vessels used.

The German vessels used in the invasion
-Köln - Light cruiser
-Königsberg - Light cruiser
-SMS Bremse - Escort ship
-Carl Peters - Fleet tender
-2x Torpedoboats
-5x E-boat Schnellboot



The German invasion force sailed towards Norway under the cover of night, and at 01:35 the Norwegian commander of 2 naval defense district received a message from D/S “Manger” which read as follows “Five large and two small German ships have passed into the Korsfjord”

Korsfjorden is in the Circle on the picture

Due to the fact that Norway had declared itself neutral in the war, and was also unprepared, with poor training, equipment, etc. none of the defense positions at the approach of Bergen had the opportunity to stop the Turks, but they fought for it! Among other things, Karven fired rapidly at the Germans at 03:58 at night. Unfortunately, it became immediately obvious how poorly maintained and outdated the guns were, the few shots that hit the cruisers did not even go off, so the German ships did not return fire with anything other than the Morse code message “Stop Shooting!”, following which the telegraph operator contacted the commander and asked if they should stop the shooting, to which they got the answer “Of course the hell you should shoot!”, Karven fort was taken by the Germans a few hours later at 06:20. As a result, Bergen was therefore occupied during the morning hours

There were many more forts that also opened fire, with the same results. One of the forts was shelled by one of the cruisers at a later time

The route of the German vessels

The red cirkle in the picture above is the location of Karven Fort. The Yellow line is the route leading to Bergen Harbour, and the route the German vessels travelled




One very important ting to remember, is that shortly after the message from D/S Manger about the foreign battleships entering the Korsfjord on their way to bergen, the Norwegian Heinkel He 115N wich was in service of the Norwegian Navy’s Airforce at the time, and were stationed at Flatøy, was sent up in the air to attack these vessels. The bombs it dropped at them missed and did unfortunately not deal any damage to the german vessels. This werent exactly an airport, as there were no runway, all the planes stationed at Flatøy were hydroplanes, with planes such as the Heinkel He 115n and the Marinens Flyfabrikk M.F.11 were stationed there. The M.F.11 attempted some attack later on as well. Anyway the big Planes were stored on the dock at Flatøy, and the smaller planes such as the M.F.11 were stored on-land in hangars. When those were to take off they would taxy out into the fjord before taking off. This could be a eventual spawn in-game, i have drawn a yellow cirkle at the area the hangar is located.

Also, later on after the invasion, the German built an airport at Herdla, wich i have also drawed a yellow cirkle around on the picture (upper left). this was not built until later the same year, but could potentially be a location for an air spawn, the other side, the invading forces would have a air-spawn


-The red dots north on the map could be potential spawn’s for airplanes, sort of the “defending” forces.
-The red dots in the southwest could be potential air spawn for the other team, sort of the “invading” forces
-If there would be multiple layouts, the Black circle with is drawn around the Harbour of Bergen, could be the main zone, and the other yellow ones in addition to the black circle could be for the layouts with 3 zones.
-The areas for the vessels to spawn i am a little unsure of, proably one at “Frekhaug” between the airplane hangar at Flatøy and the North yellow circle . for the other side, south, the spawn could be between “Tyssøyna” and “Liaskjæret”

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