Operation of rockets

Hello everyone. Someone would like to explain to me the phenomenon in this shitty Russian game, where in the simulation mode the MIG-29 spits out all the missiles, and in the F16-C, despite being the first to press the target lock, I can launch the AIM-9M only when I get hit… I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way, but no matter how quickly I spot the MIG-29 and turn on the lock-on, it lasts a very long time regardless of the distance to the enemy. I once heard that a Russian developer only improves his Russian crap in this game, in fact I noticed it by the fact that the MIG-29, which is much worse than the F16, has better equipment anyway.

Skill issue. MiG-29 is much worse than F-16C, especially in sim. The crap radar can barely find anything flying infront of it. R-73s with huge smoke trail when launched, meanwhile 9M is just smokeless so noone knows its coming.


The fact is that they have such a radar that they rain rockets every time :D As for the “skill issue”, it’s not the problem, it’s the fact that often the tracking doesn’t work as it should.

Having both F-16C,MiG-29 and even Su-27, i can say the 16s radar is simply superior to the MiG or Su one, it actually sees things and doesnt loose lock that often.

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Aim-9M currently have a very limited, front-aspect lock range. (Which is incorrect, bug report for that was submitted 7 months ago)


This often means that 9Ms will only lock within 3km in front aspect, Vs a target on reheat and if the target is pre-flaring, then the flare rejection in the 9M just won’t let you lock and fire. (ive jousted with Su-27s/Mig-29s and never gotten a front aspect lock due to various factors)

Your best bet is to defeat the Mig-29s incoming missiles fly low to defeat R-27ER and drop flares defeat R60/R73 and then come about and defeat it in a turn fight, using Aim-9M more in rear aspect

If you want to fire in headon, you’ll need to use Aim-7M, though they can be defeated by flying low as well