Open Letter to Gaijin About the Event Cycle

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It’s better to do a actual job instead of grinding event vehicles. You can buy the vehicle with the money instead of spending hours.


I do not spend money on this game so instead of grinding the events I have been chilling out. I even purposefully took a break so that I could not complete the Jaguar event stars.

You’re totally right - smart players wait, and invest some GE if they want the vehicle. The problem is that these vehicles are not worth paying for. I want interesting content, and gaijin wants money. We can both get what we want.


The new event cycle reduces/ends FOMO entirely compared to the old system.
The point of the new system wasn’t to increase profits, it was to make our lives easier, which it does.
We have far more opportunity for breaks now.

Events were never a buy-in to begin with.


well now that’s just not true since you could, and still can, buy stars with GE.


Well yes, but a “buy-in” is the opportunity to play, or in this case earn.
Technically event “buy-in” is rank 3 vehicles.

But yeah, i get to have far more breaks from events now that the only major one is Winter.
And with the tradable coupon no longer buyable, that improved the game significantly.
Not sure why this was false flagged…

You’re trolling so this post is for the benefit of everyone else.

The previous method increased FOMO by making it impossible to grind all the vehicles meaning that players would never be able to get everything without shelling out a few bucks on the marketplace.

The new method puts on even more pressure because you can’t simply grind the events every 3 months now and get exactly what you want - you have to be playing all the time. It’s the same event grind that normal players do, but worse, and applying FOMO pressure constantly. This is a clear increase in monetization, especially with the 5k increase in star prices.

What gaijin didn’t account for is the fact that FOMO doesn’t work if you are not missing out, and so every event with copy-paste content is an increase in player burnout and a decrease in the number of players who are willing to shell out cash to get something that they don’t already have.


No one is trolling you.
Please avoid personal attacks in your posts as it doesn’t help.

And no, I have far less fear of missing out on events because it’s only one vehicle, which makes the event far less likely to have something that interests me.

Stars are 999, same as they’ve always been; they even reduce as you progress now. And the reward no longer requires 10 stars for years now.

There is no FOMO with this new system.


no, you have the wrong definition of the word buy-in.

that does however increase FOMO.

I’ve been to a casino IRL dude, I’m using the correct definition of buy-in as are the casinos.


sooooo… spending money… to be able to play something… as in: spending GE for stars to be able to play the event vehicle…

If you look anywhere else on the forum you will see that he makes a full time job out of wasting people’s time.


I don’t really understand what this topic is about, any player can choose a marathon technique that interests them and devote time to it, or, on the contrary, just forget about it and do more interesting things. The problem will only arise for collectors and people who want all the equipment in the game, although they are essentially the same thing. Considering that every game patch adds a bunch of uninteresting clones

Events aren’t worth grinding anyways. I stopped grinding events since the Children of Arachis event.
I kinda enjoy using the Alecto mk1 although I should have sold it.

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Gaijin’s goal is to make money and i think they are going about it inefficiently, in such a way that the events don’t provide interesting vehicles for the people that are interested in grinding them.


Look at the Hungarian aircraft branch in the game, and tell me that there are no clones there, here is the answer to your question about interesting vehicles or for pack vehicles

I am really pleased with the new event system. I was never even tempted to try and get a coupon. I hope they keep it this way. Seriously.


Yeah, it reduces temptation to grind. I can’t fault them for that, even though from Gaijin’s perspective it’s similar to shooting themselves in the foot. When it comes to raising the ticket prices for event vehicles through reducing supply, I’m not sure that they thought that through either. Expensive coupons don’t sell nearly as often.

If 20 people buy in for a $25.00 coupon, that’s more money than one person buying in for a $300.00 coupon during the same time.

Problem is not with event formula but execution. Having three 45k events straight one after another is insane and simply stupid. IMO there should be like this:
45k event
then something small like 25k event
and then maybe something middle like 30-35k
also prizes should be a little bit more unique nevertheless.

I for example waited just for naval event and I like the main prize present but I trully understand all the complains that people have and I share them.


You know it’s serious when people are threatening to touch grass.