Opel Blitz 3,6-36 S mit 2 cm C/38 L/65

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I would like to suggest this very basic AA Truck, the Opel Blitz 3,6-36 armed with a single 2 cm C/38 L/65 (naval mount and variant of the Flak 38 L/65)

This vehicle would add 3 things, the most basic truck, which germany currently doesnt have at all. A basic AA form, like the russian Dishk AA Truck and a fun (maybe event) fast truck to roam around. Which shows the german need in WW2 to arm every and everything mobile with any and every gun to be a mobile AA to react to the enemy Air raids, after german airsupiority was lost.

The History:
The Opel Blitz 3,6-36 S was one of the most common standart 3 ton truck of the company Adam Opel AG. Opel Blitz (series name, also shared with bikes) 3,6 (engine displacement) - 36 (wheel base). Produced from 1933-1944 in 3 versions and further development still in use in the 1970s.

During the ww1 Opel was allready an important producer of military used Trucks and vehicles (as well as civilian ones). After the war this changed to normal vehicles until the 1930 when again such trucks were produced for the army with low and high flatbed and later with simple wooden “Einheitsfahrerkabine”.
While the 3,6-36 was one of several different versions this was perhaps the most common and seen on many photographs and film material.

The 2 cm C/38 L/65 was the naval counterpart and version of the Flak 38 which started production allready in 1939, but only fully replaced the production of the Flak 30 only in 1943. This was one of the most powerfull 2 cm guns on the war, while the 38 was an improved version to the 30.
Difference to the Flak 38 was mainly the mount, beeing a single pintle mount with free elevation and traverse with shoulder stabilized and for better gunner ergonomics, the loader can also increase the height of the mount by turning the handwheel.

While the Opel Blitz 3,6-36 was a common vehicle which was also modified into the Maultier Halftrack and Sd.Kfz.4/1 Panzerwerfer, the normal truck was also often armed with different guns including the normal Flak 30/38. This C/38 L/65 is no different.

However there is not a picture of the conversion, instead there is a short film of it.

Perhaps implementation as a Event vehicle, with its camoflague.

Film about the vehicle:(Click to show)


Other Pics about the Truck and gun:(Click to show)

Opel Blitz 3,6-36 S - Fahrzeuge-der-Wehrmacht.de

The Gun:
2 cm C/38 L/65 (Naval version of Flak 38, with Shoulder Stock) 20 round mags, 480 rpm, shoulder stabilized. Unknown ammo capacity, but ammo is certanly behind the cabin and standart ammo allowance for such guns was 480 rounds. Elevation and Traverse as far and fast as you can move.

Ammo: (Click to show)

Pzgr. L`Spur. o.Zerl. (ApI-T) 0,148kg 830m/s 0g 40mm/10m


Pzgr. L'Spur zerl. (Aphe-T Sd) 0,148 kg 830m/s 2,4g Pent 37mm/10m


NOTE: It does NOT have a fuze, the filler is for self destruction, in game it would also explode upon impact when shattering, like the japanese 30mm Aphe.

Pzgr. 40 L`Spur. o.Zerl. (HVAP-T) 0,100kg 1050m/s 62g core 12mm 50mm/10m


Pzsprgr. L'Spur m.Zerl. (Aphe-T Sd) 0,121 kg 900m/s 3,6g Pent 33mm/10m

(This last picture is an adaption for the Mg151/20 and uses a different shorter tracer, which results in it beeing also a bit lighter)

Sprgr. L`Spur. o.Zerl. (Hefi-T) 0,120kg 900m/s 6,2g Pent (10,54g) 5mm/10m


Brsprgr. o.L'Spur. o.Zerl. (He-I) 0,120kg 900m/s 20g H.5 and Zink (7g H.5 13g Zink (calculated by Killakiwi))

Screenshot 2023-09-06 122928

The Vehicle:
Opel Blitz 3,6-36
Weight: 2,48 ton
Speed: 85 km/h
Engine: 3,6 liter OHV 6 Cylider 75 PS engine (Later to increase lifespan governed to 68 Ps)
No armor
Turning cycle: 13,1 m
Length / Width / Heigth: 6,05 / 2,26 / 2,02 m (without gun)

Opel Blitz Manual
Munition der 2 cm Waffen
WW2 German Film Archiv


Many analogs created,I would prefer a variant with armor.

unneeded for players, but perfect for convoy AA (if it isn’t already in the game)

Well technically many vehicles are unneeded, however this would mainly add 3 things.

  1. A fun vehicle
  2. A fully wheeled vehicle (instead of all the halftracks)
  3. A shoulder stabilized gun, which germany also dont have many.
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That video is allready in the suggestion, did you even look at it? And that channel even incorrectly named it, thats a C/38 and not C/30.

Damn yes. +1

More trucks the better.