Only uptiers between 5.0-6.3

I’m playing multiple nations right now so I have lineups at multiple BRs. Playing 5.0 I could not get a single downtier in many matches. I tried playing 5.3 thinking it’s 6.0 pulling me up so I’ll be at a lesser disadvantage. Wrong apparently, because now I was pulled up to 6.3 constantly. Again no downtiers.
I tried 5.7, 6.0, and 6.3. At no point have I managed to achieve a downtier.
The only exception is a few times in 6.0 I managed to get into a 6.7 game.

Does anyone know what’s happening? I noticed it only in the last couple days. I’m sure this wasn’t the case before.


Thanks, edgelord.

I’ve just come back after a break from the game, got the same. So longer break it is. They’ve had ten years to sort this out. 0.5 BR range equals sorted.

I think there’s just an influx of premiums pulling up everything in that range.

I know about the M18. Haven’t seen any other prominent premiums though. Noticed anything?

It happened a while ago for 9.0-9.7 when the new 10.0 premiums pulled everything up.

Even finding it at other BR’s , 3.7 , 4.0 , 7.7. Got a mate getting the same. We had a run of 28/30 full uptiers between us.

OMG its unreal now , three clan members all getting the same. One guy 27/30 full uptiers, me 90% , its ridiculous.

At the weekend, 6.0 to 6.7 is very popular. Unfortunately, it’s normal to get uptier all the time.