Only the Snail can do this

The Snail kind of messed up my research I was researching the M60A1 (AOS) but the foldered vehicles update came around and I now have to research M47 then M60 anddd lastly the M60A1 (AOS). I find it kind of stupid that I am still allowed to research the M60A1 (AOS) even after the update. Furthermore, on USSR I can barely tape together a 9.3 with my current researched tree, there is also a severe lack of 11.0 vehicles the highest I found is about 3 tanks on Japan.

This is my russian tech tree

Every update, they put a new vehicle right before the one I am researching.

Always been like this. Thats why the added the skip thingy visible on your second screenshot.

Btw. werent these vehicles foldered in last update?