Only 7k?

only 7k, is that right… it gets tiring, huh? this with a 150 booster

I mean, you only got 6 kills, which is pretty good, but you’d need like, 12-17 kills in a match to do make a lot of RP.

I’m confused on how 6 kills and 4 assists gets a nuke, last nuke I was close to took 10 kills, only need one kill more to get it, but got bombed. The last nuke I got only had 12 kills and 3-4 assists in the PBV-501.


Probably a lot of scouts

Is that “Acertos”

Nope, it’s probably the one that starts with “recon” XD

I thought it was too little, I think it should be at least 10k

the routine is tiring, and the reward is a disgrace… this with a 15% booster

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If only games were meant to have fun while playing…

If only there was a way to be happy after a game without seeing number go up under yet another pixel tank…

Oh, wait

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