One thing that didnt change after update

Is Russian tanks utter dominance in top tier gb… I mean Thunderskill say they near 80%wr right now and thats crazy if its true stats ( yes I know Thunderskill is suspect stats but what else is there and fact is my stats line up with what they showing in all game modes with little deviation really so there not much reason for me to doubt ThunderSkill stats seeing how they line up

That’s never going to be fixed. Not until they actually add mechanics like Shell Perforation, which would totally mitigated Soviet ERA. Most top tier NATO shells, were designed to defeat the ERA on tanks like the T-80BVM. The absence of that mechanics means that NATO shells have a hard time penning. They of course have 0 insentive to actually add that mechanic.

Combine with the strong overall line-up that the soviets can field (Strong CAS, Strong CAP, Strong SPAA, Strong IFVs) and they will naturally be able to dominate more consistantly.

and then finally, Soviet tanks were designed for assault. CQB. Exactly what is needed for GRB, especially with them systematically deleting long range gameplay in favour of pure CQB


Yea its just crazy tho 80% wr nations should not be one sided as in MM needs to change to mixed teams not nation based

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Yeah that would help short term.

I havent done any GRB matches in a while, but anytime I was on a soviet heavy team, we were always spawn camping within minutes of hte game starting and we won the game instantly. Rarely did I see soviet loose.

it hasnt changed if im on other side its pray and play if they on my team its a massive boost to grinding cause im getting at least 2 caps and lotsa shots on stuff its a completely different game depending who is on who’s team


Never say never, when gaijin says they would never, it often means it will be added at a later time.

problem could be simply solved with a better spall damage and/or correcting anti-spall Russian armor. You can check spall on armor analysis, it’s hilarious