One sided battles

One sided battles are not fun. No matter which side you are on. IMHO.


This Forum becomes more and more a rant-board … what should we discuss here?


Can you elaborate? Obviuosly they aren’t fun, but what specifically can be adressed to prevent them? And how are battles one sided?

New generation of war thunder players as it finest unlike good old time you learn or die


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Guess where we are …

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The major contributor towards short battles are map design and Gaijin’s refusal to sell premium vehicles in groups rather than encouraging ODL.

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Refusal to change because it is good that a feature is “bad” is the most wild take I’ve seen yet.

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I don’t think you even understood what I wanted to point out with that quote …

Thinking that game design doesn’t encourage specific playstyles is refusal to acknowledge reality. The quote has no use in regards to a video game people play for enjoyment.

Allow more respawns of same vehicles.

I don’t agree, I think it fits.

This would be an interesting mechanic to deal with but what would govern what vehicles can do this?

Backups also are the current system by which you can already do this but obviously this isn’t a built in system as they’re monetized.

Simple: All. Either 1 or 2 respawns. Backups allow for one further respawn.

It doesn’t as the notion that poor gameplay mechanics will produce adversity for a player to overcome does not govern a PVP game such as War Thunder. Game balance is necessary to ensure competitive fairness.

If half your team is no longer playing the game after their first vehicle then there is nothing you as a player can do better to prevent the coming spawn camp.

Yes you can prepare a position to respond to the rush to spawn camp and get several kills but this doesn’t change the gameplay situation created outside of your control.

A player does not control the flow of battle in a game as big as War Thunder which offers asymmetrical engagements, the map and the game design does.

Tell me do game like Dark souls Elden ring or Armored core VI have difficulty selection to easy mode? no right it means if you suck and refuse to learn you can’t enjoy the game and can’t progress, but most players manage to overcome players who blame the game they just suck it not the game that bad it same with War Thunder that need to learn and overcome it.

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Both of the games you just stated are single player games.

War Thunder is a PVP game where two teams of players engage eachother. A “boss” mechanic isn’t something consistent, you’re facing different players with different vehicles across an entirely different match. This is not something you can “overcome”, it’s something you react to.

This helps War Thunder’s longevity as asymmetrical gameplay creates very dynamic situations but it makes game design take serious importance for the flow of battle.

Small maps with limited play area encourage rushed gameplay akin to CoD.

Bigger maps with large areas to move and flank encourage more reserved gameplay where controlling a position is more important than immediately taking and holding a point.

Add in the interaction of CAS and multiple different nations / lineups including the ability to take any tank below your own BR range you have a highly dynamic game where players are not able to exert serious control of the flow of battle.

Congress!! at least you know it that why CAS is the problem nowadays map too small get point Faster mean CAS faster big map mean you have to know the positioning and maps knowledge too much for majority of War thunder, so they do vote that they like small map cluster F because they don’t like driving for longer than 3 min they just wanna go pew pew fast as possible as we already know small map get point faster mean spawn CAS also faster now that what we get. Now you know what the real problem is now?

What is a skill issue?

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This is the user’s first comment in this thread I don’t understand why you would state this.

I’ll say this. Since the new update the distribution of steamrollers seems to be a lot more even.