One of the Worst Things about this Game that needs fixing badly

Honestly something needs to be done about the BR system and the Spread because when you get in a 4.7 DD for example and theres nothing but 5,7 heavy cruisers its not fun at all and the same with jets ect when you’re in early jets and ur fighting cold war jets with missiles WW2 tanks and Cold War Tanks fighting eachother it just makes you want to Quit playing Warthunder ive spent to much money on this game but im just beyond fed up of getting matched against crazy stuff every game

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Naval trees are really compressed, I wouldnt really mind them until they add more ships.

Props vs jets is much worse than jets vs coldwar jets. Ironically its historically accurate, props were deployed alongside jets in 50’s.

WW2 tanks vs cold war tanks is again not that bad as people describe. Every nation has kind of blurred line between ww2 and cold war. So if you face cold war vehicle there is a chance one of your vehicles is from cold war era as well (Walker Bulldog having same BR as Jumbo Sherman). What is much worse is ATGM line, since it all start from same BR.

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Clearly not true, since you are here with a 4.7 DD :)

Playing an American lineup at 5.0 I often get 6.0 games - and often end up doing very well in terms of reward and placing… at least when I’m on my full rig at home and not my decrepit laptiop and on a tropical island holiday :)

Skill matters - and I bet you don’ complain when it is a 5.0-4.0 game, as does still happen reasonably often.

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An american lineup at 5.0 is pretty strong, just to be fair. Quite often skill doesn´t matter at all in naval-battles, when your team is fully botted, your HMS Kent faces Scharnhorsts, mates leaving the fight early for instance. Nonetheless the game-mode is of course skill-based an can be very entertaining and rewarding.

Indeed - mine is also fully premium - it is my money maker! :)

IMO this is nothing to do with MM - people leaving are people being jerks, and being vastly outgunned at he end of hte gam when everyone else is dead or left - well that’s well done for surviving, and sucks to be the last one - jsut make of it what you can!

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Indeed a well tuned money-maker :). While I suck in ground-battles much more than in naval I welcome this source for income. Fair winds