One death leaving in groud battles. Possible solutions

One death leaving completely destroys gameplay. Games are no longer decided by skill or similar, but by which team has more inexperienced premium “players”.
I’ve had games where I’ve scored 5-10 kills before dieing for the first time, looking at the map after spawning and seeing a total of 3 friendlies left in a 16 vs 16 battle.

We as players no longer get to enjoy these epic battles but rather see a short skirmish before one side outnumbers the other by a factor of somtimes 8. Usually this happens within minutes. I would like to see a solution to this problem. Unless I am playing with 3 other competent players, there is basically no chance of seeing a win outside of my team having more “veterans” with lineups.

I think it is better to work with rewards rather than punishments. Although I think that “forcing” new players by making the grind slower if you skip BRs is an option. Having people know the basics is better than getting shot at by a SLA Tiger that is using APCR imo.

Promoting respawns by giving RP multipliers for further spawns

Basically, the more you spawn, the more RP you get. This would promote lineups as well as somewhat risky plays. Instead of camping in the back, you get rewarded for pushing and if you die and did enough damage, you get a small bonus (like a 1.05x multiplier per respawn) to the vehicle you spawn next. As vehicles get more expensive to spawn, this would most likely cap at some point, probably 4-5 respawns.

Improving the “time spent in battle” RP rewards

I think the time spent (in combination with effectiveness percentage) should make 30-45% of the total RP coming from a battle. This should be in correlation to the overall match lenght. Being active for 10 minutes in a 13 minute battle should gain you more RP than a 12 minute activety in a 30 minute match.
This would not necessarely promote lineups, but would leave one-death leavers with significant RP losses.

Lineup bonus

Simply a bonus for bringing more vehicles of the same BR range(-1 BR of the highest vehicle). Could be a 1.05x multiplier for every vehicle of an already existing category (such as one for a second meadium/heavy tank) and 1.1x for a vehicle of another category. This would further promote people to bring diverse lineups.
A lineup with a heavy, two medium and light tank aswell as SPAA would bring a 1x 1.1x 1.1x 1.05x 1.1x 1.1~= 1.4x multiplier to base RP gained.

Rank requirements for premiums

In order to play a premium tank, a player must have a tank (in any nation) of a rank at most one below the one of a premium.
This would sort of force people to start at the low ranks. Skipping to top tier, at least in your first nation, is now no longer possible. It would teach people the basics, such as aiming for weakspots, ammo, etc. while also making it so that the lower ranks are always populated.

Lineup matchmaker

Give us the option to enable “lineup matchmaker”. You’re only allowed to search for games with at least 4 vehicles of similar BR.


Your suggestion is quite interesting, it could incentivize the players a bit, although for example what causes me to quit games are the game’s failures, I have reached a point where I can no longer tolerate that it is literally the game that is causing you mate to give points to others, so for my solution it would be to completely modify the bullet damage model, the unreal ricochets due to the poor implementation of volumetric bullets and the penetration calculator that makes some bullets pierce armor without sense and others that should cannot.

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If someone wants to pay to go straight to top tier let them, they should just allow you to keep using the same vehicle as long as you have the points to spawn it.

This is basically the solution I would agree with, or at least similar - various economic incentives to actually (re)spawn and stay in the battle.
Heck, even reserve vehicles can do something, like calling in artillery or capturing points. At the very least, they can serve as a distraction.
And funnily enough, in higher ranks and BRs, even reserve vehicles become capable, due to the laughable armor on some of the IFVs and light tanks, not mentioning SPAAs and open-topped vehicles.

No, that would hurt the sales of premiums.
Players throwing money do deserve a privilege to try to play how they want.

Alot ppl play vehicles to just spade all mods until they’re “completed”. When ppl lose the vehicle in question they leave. Cause… if their goal is to spade a certain unit, its a waste of time to continue playing with other vehicles. Any mod rp you get with already spaded vehicles is lost.

It wood be probably helpful if this kind of mod rp might apply to unspaded vehicles you used in this match. So you could research mods of a vehicle while playing and spawning other ones after you lost it. This could be one incentive not to leave, if you lose your first vehicle.

Another incentive could be a bonus for RP/SL when you keep playing to the end.

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Like, using another vehicle’s earned modification RP, to boost another vehicle’s modification RP?
Using a spaded vehicle together with an unspaded vehicle, to boost modification research… hm…
I admit that would be an interesting concept.

As I am an advocate of removing the “Time spend in battle” and corresponding “Activity” meter entirely I am very much against this.

This metric is one of the main reasons why the RP rewards are not comprehensible and not predictable. It confuses and can therefore not incentivise players to play more. It also, as a side note, would increase the profits made by bots as they tend to have decent activity (without actually achiving much) and respawn (outside of Naval) regulary.

Well fuck Simulator battles then. XD

Yes lets complicate the MM even further not like the System is already broken to the point where the community gas to satrt to realise that “BR decompression” is not going to solve anything if it is not acompanied by a repair of the Matchmaking system underlying it all

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I generally agree with everything, although anything that limits premium sales is never going to happen. I would however suggest one more.

Bonus rewards for placing high on a losing team

Currently, the game gives a sizable reward bonus to the winning team. On the surface level this is fine, but this does disincentivise people from staying in games that look like a loss. In terms of rewards , it is far more efficient to simply drop out of a losing game and get back into queue looking for a winning one. And simply put, it is intensely demoralizing to put in a ton of effort, and end up with a great result, only to get nowhere near the level of rewards you would normally get through no fault of your own.

So, I would suggest simply making it so that a certain proportion of the top players on the losing team get some form of bonus rewards. Maybe not as much as the rewards for winning, but something to ease the loss somewhat. There are a couple different requirements that could work. Maybe the top 3 or 5 players on the losing team? Everyone who gets above a certain score, say 2000? People with above 90% activity?

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isn’t skill kinda tied to experience ??

however :

  • fix bots/weird players
  • fix balance
  • fix damage/pen
  • fix maps
  • fix spawn points (for some CAS)

after that, I can consider to re spawn

For me,this is the key for fix the game.
The most important IS the damage and penetration,aún fix the volumetric shells to.

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