Once 50% of your team has left the game crew lock should be disabled

There’s no reason to punish users by wasting their time.


Its disabled if you dont leave after first death

Not quite true… I’ve left after 3 deaths and been crewlocked lol.


Wait what? So you just drove to cap point, get killed and repeated 2 times to make sure you suck or what?

Spawning 3 vehicles and still get crewlocked is beyond skill issue.

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Absolutely not. The last thing we need is more excuses for people to just stop trying and abandon their team, just because their ego can’t handle a losing fight.

Had the best game I’ve had in a while today. The enemy team had a dominant lead right up until the final minutes. With 301 tickets left on the clock, and only 6 players left in game (Most of us having spawned 3/4 times already), we took back two caps. Somehow, against all odds, we managed to hold them while the enemy team spent their last few vehicles trying to close out the game. We literally won with 1 ticket left. It was the most hard fought, most exhilarating, and the most satisfying game I’ve had in I don’t even know how long.

Such a comeback is far less likely if people get to opt out the second they start to feel discouraged. Yeah, it doesn’t feel great to lose, far more so if the loss was obvious for a while. But that doesn’t give you the right to abandon your team and make their already poor odds far worse, just because your ego can’t handle a tough fight.

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It’s beyond a skill issue because it’s just bad luck…

Like, why are people so fixated on puching down and being disrespectful about anyone coming forward and saying anything?

Spawned once, to go to cap, got nailed, and on my subsequent respawns I got nailed as I left the spawn.

It’s not that hard to actually have bad luck…

Would you prefer that I just ODL at the onset of the match not going right to preserve my KDR or some shit?

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I would prefer you to get some kills next time xD

Agreed sometime no point of spawn a new one anymore when you died only to realize that 60percent of your team leave the game already and you going to lose anyway.

There already is no crew lock in ground battles if there is an enemy tank shooting into your spawn if I’m not mistaken.

I agree that there should be a Crew lock limit based on disparity. But that would have to consider both sides, not just one.

I’d like a visual indicator to know when I can leave without crew lock as well.

Well there is one.

When there’s an enemy tank symbol spotted on the map that means that the enemy tank is either shooting at your spawn or is close enough to be picked up by spawn radar. You can leave without crew lock then.

Like you’ve not ended up in similar matches…

Not enough that I should care about it

nope ive spawned 4 times killesd same amount capped twice but yea all was pointless no team left and only had enough sp after flying a Sabre for a spaa that well would just gib free kill to the spawncampers so I left … 3 min crew lock on spaa???

How often can one player run into crew lock? It happens for me maybe once in a day … and those ~ 2min I use to come here.

I am sad we have people as stupid as you browsing the internet. Fun fact for your small mind, you can get crew locked after spawning 2-3x AND getting multiple kills/captures.

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That’s quite a dismissive stance you take there Mr Perfect…

You cant