On war thunder 11th birthday we get some sale?

On war thunder 11th birthday we get some xbox one sale?

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AFAIK there is a good sale on every game anniversary…game, store and consoles usually get different sales and promotions…

I see no reason for it to be different this year…announcement is usually around November 1st…

Why can’t Gaijin explain its plans a week or more in advance like other companies?
I believe this will allow players to better manage their time and budget.

Well…i am guessing they don’t want people to buy ONLY in promotions… :)

The anniversary sale is the same almost every year…but like most sales, they advertise only on top of it. Think about black friday…we have it every year, we all know it will happen, but we only know what will be on sale on the day…at least most companies i know work like that…

The not so correct answer would be…the promotions are there for those customers that only buy at reduced rate…but normal prices exist for those willing to pay them…AFAIK it is the same on most companies…

I hope Su-39 will be on sales.

The sale should have been announced last week, it is 30 October already.

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Last year the announcement was on the 31st (i.e. today)

And so…

Just a question

I use a XBOX account and play on PC, I’m just wondering if sales will be available for XBOX users?

In the PSN environment I can only buy from PSN store…but I get a sale there also… not necessarily the same sale
(Even if I play on PC)

Do you know if there will be disccount for golden eagles??

Their answer to that is that GE is NEVER on discount. I didn’t check…but saw this answer several times in the past.

What is usually with 50% discount is premium time. The best deal is usually the one year premium time.

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