Old replay file

I have an old replay file from years gone by.
I put it in my replay folder, I was fully expecting to not be able to play it though, I was correct.

Does anyone know any workaround? It is a replay from a previous version of the game.

I know it’s a big ask and probably cant be done but it’s worth asking. cheers.

Maybe server replay?

wouldnt be on the server as it has not been played since 2015.

Since client replays are rendered by the game itself, it won’t work after any major update. If the replay is from 2015, then not only it’s an old version of the game, it’s also an old version of the game engine so the answer is: Nope, sry, the replay won’t work anymore unless there’s an emulator or something like that, which I’m not aware of…

Ok thanks.

You can gets old client from Steam even your replay is from 2013.

Try that.

i dont use steam for wt :(

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You don’t need steam client.

Only things what you need is your steam account.

BTW, You can get oldest game version on steam.

ok cheers, may give it a go then.