Ok. Let's talk about how it's like to have an F15s into the game

So, I have made this discussion to you guys to talk about the F-15 eagle.
Is it good to put it into the game or not? Let’s talk about it together.

I’d say its good to put in. The maps are too small, and the player per match count is too high, for individual aircraft performance to really shine. Hell, you could throw F-22s in, and they’d still get absolutely massacred in the 9L and 9M spawn from the looks of it.

Honestly with the way ARB flies the F-15C will be fine. It will have amazing supersonic performance, great high AoA at high speeds but suffer in low speed manoeuvrability.

The loadout should be 4x AIM-120A/Bs and 4x 9Ms.

Later variants of the Eagle will feature 120Ds, 9Xs and an AESA radar.

F-15 would be introduced when Su-27 will be, and weapons, will be made in comparison to what can be made for all others,…

Until the release of Fox-3’s for all nations, the F-15 would not recieves AIM-120, BUT AIM-7M instead (which is also possible)