OH-58D absurd modifications research points

We were promised that helicopter research points would get better or easier. Then, with a new helicopter the research points were still very high to obtain and I’m very much not happy when I learned that the modifications will cost another 495,000 RP. That’s FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY-FIVE THOUSAND research points to spade it. Almost a half MILLION RP!!! For a 10.3 helicopter. With no missiles to start with. That seems totally unreasonable and backwards from what we were promised. It’s well known that getting RP is extremely difficult for helicopters. Especially without long range missiles. And without being fast enough to get anywhere such as in PVE games. Not to mention you can’t get close enough to any targets or bases without the OP AA shooting you down. Most of the time if you do get to the ground targets they’re already all destroyed by the higher class helicopters. I suggest cutting the RP requirements in half, at least, and do something that separates low class helis from the high class helis in a PVE or even PVP game modes but not with the current maps. They are too big and there’s not enough ground targets. Maybe even just add a lot more ground targets in what we have now and tone down or remove the AA so lower class helis can actually get some action and not just get bored flying around and not gaining RP because the Ka-50s kill everything before you get there. All in all, this sucks and I wish heli game play was fun and not so mundane.

it did, you can now research helis with tanks, that is the extend of it, everything else is do able in the pve mode

I know and although that helps get it, I don’t like that idea. It takes away from researching ground vehicles. It shouldn’t be a choice, this or that. Even with that system, ground vehicle RP economy is still really bad. Helis shouldn’t cost that much when they aren’t that productive since they’re all extremely fragile with the exception of the Ka-series helis who take a direct hit from an atgm and keep fighting. And it doesn’t help with the absurd amount of RP required to get modifications. Total of 875,000 in research points to obtain and spade a 10.3 helicopter. Not even the very best should cost that much but they’re even higher.

stop playing u.s helis gaijin doesn’t care