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Long night?

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Not really it’s 7:46 for me

Then enjoy the time you’re given :-)

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someone reported me for Inactivity cuz I didnt help him fight 3 MiGs

I was flying a Bucc S.1


You must have gotten a lot of reports. Btw how good is the buccaneer s1?

its the single worst Jet powered aircraft in the entire game

if you take all 8 bombs you can Imagine a slower Arado 234 but at 8.7

you will Crash on the airfield while spading it


Ah yes let me use my plane that doesn’t have any cannons or good AAM lol XD

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s1 has no AAMs at all

Oh. Maybe I was thinking of the S2. My bad lol.

Do you know when it’s best to stop playing?

When an SdKfz 234/2 wipes the floor with your 7.0BR team while you’re trying to reach the front at 10km/h. Battle over in 5 minutes.

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Question, wasn’t the E-4 variant made specifically for the F-14A compatibility?

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For the homeland!

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How do I post a vid?

Has to be either a YouTube video or a GIF, like a YouTube link.

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Anytime brthr

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(In a very “announcer” like voice) FALL

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Free bird starts playing