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In night battles I can sometimes see some light beams in thermal. Is that caused by IR spotlight?

Since indian tanks are there y not add indian air force?
Tejas is a good jet
And we also have good helicopters in india

IR looks like a regular lamp in NVDs

But should it be visible in thermal sight?

in thermals you will only see the eyes glowing but not the IR trace itself

But I have seen the traces in night battle while using thermal. It’s like a bright line

idk then maybe I’m trippin

are the servers fine rn?
game failed to launch beyond connecting to the server 3 times now

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Anyone know wtf is this?

Even more reason Chile should be a sub tree of Israel

bandicam 2024-02-11 17-48-12-463

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Photoshop or the poor guy got stung by a bee

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I took this screenshot from a video, so it must be a cat that got stung by a bee

Almost looks like Cat and dog hybrid


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@Miragen :)



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What’s funny?

You’re gonna get a ban lol

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Oh yeah, hilarious.


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