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I got the Tornado and im taking a break from GBR Air the pain was horrendous

Fortunately though the update today reduced tier 4 mods from 42K to 25K so thank youuu Gaijin

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Yamato with Hypersonics, French stealth ships with MAC multipurpose guns, Russian “stealth” with S-400, and a Chinese destroyer with HHQ-9B.

Tempest V and Spitfire XIV used to be such gems but it’s been such a long time since I’ve played Air RB properly

The Fw 190 Doras being 5.0 is an alien concept to me honestly


hey, you’re about as far as I am in that tree

isn’t he turkish?

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@SlowHandClap Like I’ve said most of the time Woe spends in that thread is having a go at us

I don’t understand how kids even watch these types of sh!tty content

Wtf is that

idk. Saw this on youtube

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150 euro for a pixel ship? XD

Su11s are the main reason why I avoided 7.X BR. Is Su11 spam still present?


no clue seems russian to me

20 years from now we’re flying XF-1337, it cost $150, and cannot be picked up by any radars. We’ve returned to the IR missile meta because no one can lock others with radar.


Naval arcade with helicopters and jets. Basically grb but in naval mode.

Whynis the t72 morderna 166 something quid

I have no idea

Was looking at it cause it has 20 or 30 mm i can’t remember so i thought i might get and look at the price like how

seems you’re not the only one looking for a 20mm on a tank