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my condolences

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Is that 18 Radar assisted AA Turrets on a cruiser?

16 x 127mm AA guns (8 x twin-gunned mountings) along with 20 x 57mm Mod 51 AA guns (10 x twin-gunned mountings).

Good luck for planes or light ships coming in that area :p

I was reading the roadmap that talked about the night battles. I wondered what amount of what will it take to achieve these PFP and Decór. I got no response. Anyone know what it is?


literally any planes nightmare

until exocet tho

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Can come in multiples variants


That thing will always be funny to look at.

Considering Frances preference for cruiser and destroyers over battleships, it would be strange to not add it eventually.

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I think they are the same 2x57mm AA gun that you can found on the last refit of the Jean bart (Richelieu class)

(the one alone on the right)


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Im surprised we haven’t seen more Bravy equivalents to the game yet

At least the Amatsukaze was passed

Since the Russians have their Object 279, I think the USA should get their own Nuclear Apocalypse tank.

The Chrysler TV-8 had a 1:1 scale mockup, shouldn’t be any more controversial than the E100

anyone else realise the glitch with the premium mirage f1c and snebs where they are visible when pulling turns

Somebody talked about a Nuclear Apocalypse tank ?

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Some of you (Germany) may die, but that is a sacrifice I’m willing to make.


Yes. You can have your $1,500 marketplace tank.

Dont worry, they are just taking a deep breath. It will be fine when you stop getting over 10pl. Or it is a bug and has to be reported. One of the 2.

I was looking around the bday hangar and could not recall what this years event for april fools was, that goes to show how shit it was that I forgot the little infantry mode that got super stale

Let me tell you the Big 3 do exist in naval. Look which nations got their premium BB’s first? Look which nations have the most meta stuff at each tier (Kronshtadt, Scharnhorst, Bayern, Moffett (when you are smart enough to not show an ammo rack), Helena).

The UK has what? The Hood? The third best BC. (There’s only 4 in the entire game and one is a large heavy cruiser…)

Japan has admittedly quite good BB’s but not many are on the level of Kron, Scharn and Bayern. Destroyers ain’t stellar other than long-lance.

Italy nada

France nada.

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What about their new 7.0 ? Not worth it ?

I’m not an expert but I don’t think it’s worth grinding the whole tree for.

It is certainly an improvement over what they had. But man 230mm of armour… Ammo racks are well below the waterline but still. Bayern has 380. Kronshtadt a battlecruiser has a full belt of 230mm, whereas the new Italian one has the lower half at 230mm and the upper at 220.

As i said i’m not an expert but on paper, other than the reload i’d say its one of the worse top tier BB’s atm.

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