Of Jagdtigers And Nukes

Hello everyone! With this thread, I hope to kickstart an interesting discussion, and hopefully learn a few things about the game. A lot of threads get quite inflamed or pretty negative, and I wish we spent a little more time talking about what I’m sure we all love about this game, the great technical depth and its high skill ceiling, that give you so much room to learn and become a better player.

Now, I started playing this game in 2022, and I consider myself average at best. Sometimes, I have acute cases of skillissueitis, but I also have my moments, every now and then.

What inspired the creation of this thread is the fact that I must have been in a fortunate mental spot a few weeks back, because in 3-4 days I had a very good string of 6.7 games, and finished several matches narrowly missing on a nuke by a few spawn points, in one case by NINETEEN spawn points lol. Examples below:

Now, so far in this game, I’ve gotten a nuke three times - nothing to write home about, I know, but that’s not really the point. I usually focus more on what the team needs (example, I’ll go to a flank that has been left empty by the way everyone chose to deploy at the beginning, stuff like that). This discussion isn’t out of an obsession with specifically getting nukes in solo-Thunder style.

However, missing multiple nukes by a few spawn points, sometimes in matches that we ended up losing, pushed me to reflect on what I could have done better. I’ve used the “Jagdtiger” in the title because it’s my go-to machine, but for the purpose of this discussion you could substitute any heavy vehicle for it (and I mean heavy in the sense of poor mobility, long reload times, poor reactivity to unexpected threats up close).

Now, of course, heavies are not exactly the ideal vehicles to go after nukes, right? In a Jagdtiger, you’re unlikely to be the one capturing points in the first half of the match - though it does happen when matches become strung out with only a few players surviving on either side.

You’re also unlikely to get many kills in a short engagement time, because that’s just the nature of having an 18s reload. Push too aggressively, and you’ll die. Play too passively, and you won’t contribute to the team, or to your own score.

Having to make that judgement call in a prolonged match that could go either way is also quite difficult at times, at least for me. When it’s right to push, and when it’s right to be patient.

Come to think of it, two of the three nukes I’ve gotten had me get most of the way there with the Jagdtiger; then, die; then, respawn with the JPz 4-5, which allowed me to go the rest of the way. Maybe that combination is no coincidence.

As I mentioned earlier, I also know there’s lots of room for me to improve. I was wondering if any player out there has experience squeezing the maximum possible performance out of somewhat “impractical” vehicles like these, and if you’d be willing to share your pro tips with the class :D

And of course any and all anecdotes or reflections you have are super welcome.

I never managed to get a nuke.
Probably because I end up using spawn points for planes and other vehicles that I brought myself.

I suppose the Jagdtiger is similar to Tiger 2 P/H, the advantage is that these have a turret.
The armor, on all tigers, is better then most, and firepower is also relatively good.
These vehicles work best at long range.

However, with the usual maps in war thunder, they are quite cramped, not giving much options for long range engagements. Capture points themselves are… also somewhat in odd areas, and their amount is quite limited (it’s either 3, 2 or just 1). They don’t really give many opportunities to resupply.

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In my experience, it’s actually quite a bit different. Tiger IIs have great reload, more than twice the RoF of the Jagdtiger. As for the turret, it’s not just that they have one, but they have great turret rotation and amazing gun handling, where the JT’s is atrocious.

The downsides are that the Tiger IIs are much easily crippled than the Jagdtiger, the optics are quite a bit worse, and you have trouble with some of the particularly hard targets against which the 128mm really comes in handy.

So I have very clear “niches” of use for each, depending on what I think I’m going to need.

Indeed, sadly.

Although map design can also be influential beyond just distance. For example, Advance To The Rhine is quite small, but the long road next to C/B is a pretty good chokepoint for something like the Jagdtiger, especially if you’re in a downtier.

But yeah, I feel like the answer to the question of how to squeeze that little bit more out of somewhat one-dimensional vehicles like this, is to strike the balance between aggression and patience, which feels a bit elusive as a skill. But I could be wrong, of course!

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Which shouldn’t really be a thing for a heavy tank.
It is nonsensical to face an MBT that can penetrate the tank from the front without issue, while the heavy tank in question has to resort to pixel sniping…
The example would be T-54 (1947):
Since it’s battle rating is 7.7, it is possible to meet it. But in either case, it just becomes ridiculous as tiger can’t flank it, can’t penetrate it or otherwise pose a threat to it.
Meanwhile the T-54 can flank the tiger, and what’s worse, is that it doesn’t even need to flank it - it can simply penetrate it from the front.

At the very least, it should be a stalemate, rather than absolute victory of T-54, otherwise what’s the point of having these 2 meet in battle?
Jagdtiger at least has firepower to penetrate this thing, maybe… But that’s not really helping much, since it is still a sluggish and vulnerable tank.

Both Tiger II and Jagdtiger can one-shot the T-54 1947 in two spots: the turret either side of the gun, or the cupola. I’ve been killed by my fair share of T-54s, but I’ve killed my fair share as well, before and after the recent decompression, so I’m gonna call fair cop on that particular matchup tbh. If you asked me which enemies I dread meeting in my German heavies in an uptier, T-54s wouldn’t be on top of my list.

In any case, I do have an interest in balance discussions, but for this particular discussion I was more thinking of how we the players can do better in X heavy vehicle, with the balance and BRs we currently have

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That is pixel sniping (at long range). Whereas T-54 1947 does not even need to try. Just shoot at the Tiger’s direction and hit almost anywhere for serious damage.

Well, simply put, they have… basically the best firepower, and impressive (if not the best) armor. Mobility is their weak spot. Both tiger and Jagdtiger should use hull down tactics (A.K.A. put the chassis in cover, only exposing the turret). It works even better for Jagdtiger, as it’s “turret” is 250~mm thick. Very few vehicles can possibly penetrate that, especially at long range.
Either way, wiki can also provide some answers:

Sorry for the late reply, I must have missed the notification somehow.

Yes, I’m aware. I read the wiki of a vehicle before using it for the first time, as a matter of general practice. For those I’m focusing on at a particular time, I also go and watch footage on youtube, to see how better players handle them.

After thousands of matches in the Jagdtiger, I think it’s fair to say that I know to go hull down… if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be getting close to nukes at all with it, I think :D

There are lots and lots of tricks you can learn about a vehicle, even after thousands of matches, and the height of the skill ceiling is one of the things that fascinate me the most about this game. Especially because this incredible level of complexity, is handled by a minimalistic and intuitive control system, which is just beautiful and an achievement Gaijin should be proud of.

For example, the Jagdtiger has very bad basculation of the cannon. Of course, it’s basic GRB skill to switch to cruise control instead of braking, if you need to make a shot on the move, but if you are in a situation where you do need to brake for whatever reason, there is a way to minimise Jagdtiger cannon basculation, and it’s to push the cannon down just as you hit the brakes. This increases the arc of the downward swing, and makes the upward swing far more controllable, allowing you to fire before the cannon has completely settled.

Another example: you can’t always angle properly with this thing. Even if the angle you should use is quite limited, to avoid ammo overmatching your side armour. You have limited horizontal traverse, so even just angling by a few degrees can compromise your ability to engage targets. Long reloads do allow you to angle in-between shots, there is a risk-reward in it because if they take out your transmission while you’re angled, you’re screwed.

An intermediate solution is to wiggle in place. Makes it harder to barrel you, or hunt for weakspots, and if you time it right, you can even throw off shots from multiple enemies if you keep mental track of their reload times. This has saved me in multiple situations in which, for example, my gunner was knocked out and I needed to stay alive for a while. Or when I was down to three crew, took out one guy and had one or two more to try and stay alive against while reloading.

Inevitably when you learn stuff in War Thunder, as in real life I suppose, you hit a point of diminishing returns, where the curve becomes steeper, and the margins you can still find, become smaller and smaller. Going from “I can’t use this fat ass of a tank destroyer at all” to “ok, I can use this without making a fool of myself” is relatively easy, it just takes time and effort. But going from this “average” level to “good”, let alone “really good”, is much more elusive. At least for me.

I am pretty confident there’s plenty of players in this game, that know how to use the JT (or whatever equivalent from any tech tree) much better than I do, and some of them are bound to be absolutely exceptional, too. I figured, if there was a place where I had a chance to find them and learn from them, it was here! I’d love to know their tips and tricks. That’s why I started this thread :D

It would be easier if the game had an actually browsable leaderboard, you know? If you could just look at global rankings, find someone that plays X vehicle a lot and has amazing results with it, and hit them up via DM saying dude, I’ve got some questions if it’s no bother. Since that’s not an option, the forums it is!

I hope that clarifies my intentions :D

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It is nonsensical to face an MBT that can penetrate the tank from the front without issue, while the heavy tank in question has to resort to pixel sniping

Give it its missing rounds:

I think that’s more a suggestion for Gaijin than for the player 😁