Odd Vehicle Rank system

I was playing Battle pass tasks at 3.7 Italy at Tier 3.I got crew locked after one game so switched to Russia at 4.0 BR, played a couple of games and could not understand why I had not completed the task as I got the kills needed.
Same with Germany it seems Panzer G tier II yet for Italy Tier III

Then I noticed that 4.0 Russia is only Tier II .
OK I need to open my eyes for sure.

Why is this the case? Why do different nations have different Tiers for BP.
Just seems like Gaijin being difficult yet again but is there a reason for it?

Since there is little to no logical explanation, IMO it is to introduce new players climbing through ranks to different BRs at different times.

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Even for the “same” vehicles M24 …

USA RII - BR 3.7
Japan RIII - BR 3.7
China RII - BR 3.7
Italy RIII - BR 3.7

I love this tank but I would love to use it for daily tasks in other nations too.


There are various cases where the same vehicle is in different ranks. There are even various examples with premiums where the normal one is at a lower tier than the premium. Its very annoying on the rank 2->3 border as it limits the choices for doing tasks.


Because rules of rank spreading is individual for every nation.