Odd Idea

What If someone took unrealized Designs like from blueprints, or even made up a modification for a Tank. For example rebuild a functional Maus but with ERA, apfsds, Thermals etc. Or took a Tiger II and armed it with a 10.5cm gun?

My Main question is, If someone modified a WW2 Military Vehicle today, for fun, would that qualify for WT?

Of course I am in favor of Wooden mockups, historical paper vehicles, vehicles that were already added and thus already having done harm etc.

PMC equipment aren’t allowed in War Thunder.
Which also denies private collections.

Wow, what an elitist and restrictive Game.

Time to E-Mail Krupp and Porsche.

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Are you planning to make a maus? Homemade maus would be epic.

Have to draw the line somewhere. Putting the line at only vehicles fielded by states is a good place for it.

Can’t wait for Mr. Beast to make a sherman jumbo hull out of Chobham armor with a BMP-2M turret. WT gonna be wild.


Don’t forget about APS and ERA.

Yes. Sherman Jumbo with 3rd gen thermals at 9.0 because why not.
Seriously how twisted your common sense must be to even think about this xD

Well maybe for naval they could down line like far down add ww2 ships with more modern stuff
And if a certain nation feels like it needs to bring out modernised versions of its ww2 tanks

This game would be world of tanks but with crew actually moddeled real quick

It would be a realistic WoT with actual interior modules and Crew as well as realistic physics and combined arms.

Sounds appealing to me.

He wouldnt want that since it is not german

Get in contact with that Vietnam guy who builds wooden Bugattis, Cybertrucks, and other vehicles… he’ll probably build a tank too

(with the plan that the wood is replaced with proper armour of course…)

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I actually thought about this while coming up with the Thread.


Hold your horses, in terms of private collections they can use photographic evidence if it is known to be the only one in existence. However, this is only done when it is one of the few or the only ones they managed to find. It is also expensive since you would have the owner of said collection keeping an eye on you as you take the pictures so you can use it to model the vehicle in game. It’s a lot of techno babble and negotiations.

Well, I guess I am German Biased, but I am happy about any cool vehicle regardless of the Nation. Ofc there are (German) priorities.

I’m sorry but I see no issue in leaving out vehicles that aren’t part of an official military structure of a proper arms manufacturers.

We wouldn’t want to open pandora’s box for paramilitaries and terrorist organizations…

But RPG on a pickup


Inb4 just a truck with several guys in the back wielding AKs

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