Obtaining (exchanging) your current vehicle for one that you do not own

On one of the streams of War Thunder’s official channel, I was asking Mike if he could replace my Lorraine 155 Mle.50 with an E-100, because I didn’t use the Lorraine. He said nice try, but said no. It was a reasonable response, and I wasn’t really serious with the question anyway. But then one dude from chat said, if you don’t use it, and don’t want to use it, I can have it. I suppose he wasn’t serious either. But then Mike said, “wait, that’s actually a pretty good point. You know I can do that right?” stating that he could remove the vehicle from my account, and give it to that guy in chat. I absolutely said no. But if that is ACTUALLY possible, and an option for us to have, to give people vehicles we do not use, what about this:

What about I find someone, who is NOT willing to use “a specific vehicle”, and I have interest in THAT “specific vehicle” he has. And also, I have a “specific vehicle” I do NOT use, and he has interest in MY “specific vehicle”. Could we request that BOTH OUR “specific vehicles” could be traded, and transferred onto eachother’s accounts? I’d really want to know if that is possible. Because if it actually is an option, then I can literally eventually find someone, who’d want to trade their E-100 with my Lorraine 155. Eventually…


The issue is they would need to make a trading option which would take away from the vehicle market. Gajin takes certain amount from each sale of event vehicles to make is so players would have to pay to get more Gajin bucks if they didn’t have enough and that’s how Gajin makes money off of the market.

Okay, how about this. They could implement a trading system. But the players that trade needs to pay off a fee in Gaijin coins to the Gaijin in order to complete the trade. So it isn’t free. But it still isn’t useless. People that have stuff but don’t want to use it can exchange other peoples stuff that other people don’t want to use, but cannot sell anymore. A trading system could fix this issue, and also still provide Gaijin money, because they will need to (both sides) make a purchase in order to complete the transaction of trading. Keep in mind that, trade vehicles are not the coupons. Coupons are ONLY for marketplace sale. But the vehicles that they have activated, and are currently in their account. Those are the ones they can trade only, then it would make this a viable option in my opinion.


This could also easily be abused by farmers, as you would not be able to exclude money transfer in the real world.

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How would there even be money transfer? The fee would go to Gajin not the players, the only thing the players are the vehicles they are trading with each other. so I don’t see how you could abuse trading a vehicle cause both party’s are getting one vehicle from each other.

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That could work. They should also include event vehicles like the Sturmmorser and the BM-31-12 which are vehicles you cant buy on the market.

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Have you heard of banks or services like pay pal?

I can clearly see it: “Hey, you want my IS-7 for your PO-2? No problem, lets do the trade.” (1000$ change hands outside of the game.)

If people want to trade unused stuff, there is the market.

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are you able to repackage coupon vehicles and sell them on the market? I’m an xbox player ( waiting for my account to unlink ) so i dont have any experience with the market place

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The problem with this is:

  1. GJN doesn’t make more profit from it
  2. It discourages players from grinding every vehicle they want themselves, and therefore directly impacts profits.

Unless something is very clearly going to make them more money, they don’t tend to do it. Your idea would actually cost them revenue. No chance.

The problem you’re not seeing is that trading could be done indefinitely. Each time a buyer buys stuff, they pay fee to Gaijin. Also: There could be a limit to a persons number of trades per: “Day”, “Week”, or “Month.” Is also completely up to Gaijin.
Each vehicle traded also wouldn’t have the same fee cost. Depending on the rarity of the vehicle, accessibility of the vehicle, (if it was ever purchasable before) etc.

For instance, if someone were to trade their Vilkas for someone’s IS-7, the guy that is going to receive the IS-7 would have to pay much more fee due to vehicle’s real cost and rarity compared to the fee the Vilkas receiver would have to pay.

Those fee prices are also calculated and determined by Gaijin, not players.
So yes, by limiting people from trading non-stop, it could be more balanced.
And also, each vehicle having their own fee amounts, would make it much more complicated for people that want to trade less rare vehicles for rarer ones.

The real problem is, like Dodo_Dud said, the option would enable selling vehicles for money. If there is money in the picture, there will be huge wave of bots, cheaters and such, which will completely degrade gameplay experience. It’s getting bad enough without that.

One of the things that Gaijin done right is keeping this at bay.

i would be open to it, I have some unobtainables that have never been used.

Honestly I jsut wish they made everything obtainable through whatever grind, outside of maybe gift tanks. You should be able to obtain the E100 and not be time restricted to a specific event, tournament or whatever.

This game is riddled with bots if you go into the right mode. For example, air sim, heli ec, naval rb.

And we don’t want that to get worse now, do we? :)

I can clearly see it: “Hey, you want my IS-7 for your PO-2? No problem, lets do the trade.” (1000$ change hands outside of the game.)

Make it so you can only trade vehicles of similar value, couple games do this and it would allow people to trade a cheap skin for another one. This would also allow console players to get the skin they want specifically.

Example: BMD-4 can only trade for another vehicle which is 30 dollars below or above it (this could vary depending on the vehicles price)

This would also encourage players to slowly trade their vehicles up and trading free should be adjusted to the price of said item, such as a fee of $0.10 for trading a $1.25 skin or a fee of $4 for trading a $140 vehicle.