Object 292 upgrade coupon

I got both the upgrade coupon and the 292 but ive already used the object 292 coupon to play the vehicle so is there a way to still use the coupon? or I just played an average of 6:30 hours a day for nothing


Don’t despair. You can trade it for 1600 war bond. :)


My boi did you not read the fine print?

If you have already used the 292 coupon, then the upgrade coupon is worth it. @Beeschurger is right. Read the not-so-fine print next time.

If you already used the coupon then upgraded or not upgraded is the same. If your plan was to sell it, then you need to learn that activated coupons are gone so there is nothing left to sell

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You’re like Eastern European truckers that find out they won’t get paid after working insane hours.

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Working part-time at your local Burger would have been more useful.

6h day … part of the community is creating crazy standards for 99% of players.

Then the Snail sees stats and will say 50k for the next one.