Object 292 spam is unreal...10.0?

Thiers a massive issue currently at 10.0 and its the object 292 this vehicle has an amazing dart with nearly 700mm of pen and an HE round that is just as good if not better in alot of situations. Who created this situation? Gaijin did. This gun is on the chasis of a t80 ffs the minimum br for a t80 is 10.3 in this game. So why on earth is this vehicle at 10.0?

Lets take a look at one tank is particular the 2s25m its the defention of a glass cannon. It has an amzing round yet no armor so its balenced in that reguard but having armor and an amazing round with a lrf at 10.0 is straight blasphemy. Gaijin once again you are ruining the damn game with your event vehicles and this one is so damn ridiculous its almost unvearable. Id rather drown in a pool of leo 2a7v’s then deal with this tank every time i want to play 10.0

Russia 10.0 was already stacked and yet during an event called the dragon to celebrate the russian new years(i mean chinese…lol) gaijin blessed us with another mbt for russia 10.0 but i thought the dragon event was about china??? I am so confused here. Im not confused at to the nature of this move by gaijin this is once again another money grab by gaijin to make sure they got everyone to GE through the event so people dont feel left behind by facing a tank with 700mm of pen. How is it the best gun in the game is at 10.0? I am sorry but this is BS and yes i have my obj 292 as well but i am not spamming it like most are, ive never been a band wagon person.

Most people are sheep and if they see the bright and new shiney thing in the sky they gotta have it too and in this case its an object 292 so do yourselves a favor stop being sheep and lets not abuse the broken system currently in place


Cannot agree more; a 700mm pen can almost pen anything (Except Russian ERAs of course). The amount of players, both noobs and veterans playing this tank pisses me off. Just click and the enemy disappears.


This object has a bunch of restrictions:

  1. There is no small-caliber machine gun or machine gun at all
  2. There is no thermal imager
  3. The stabilizer hardly works if the speed exceeds 20 km/h
  4. Has a close arrangement of crew and shells
  5. The engine has not changed in any way and is far behind its Western counterparts


  1. Gun and ammunition
  2. New turret which is much better than that of the T-80BV

Why should he have a combat rating of 10.3 or more?


Sint play it if the game is thrashy nobody forces you

Event vehicle spam is a thing every time, nothing new. The firepower is amazing and the armor is okay. However, it doesnt have things that many mbts take for granted.

  • the gun doesnt like to elevate/depress
  • no smoke grenades
  • no thermals
  • no machine gun
  • longer reload

I could see it going to 10.3 next br change but it is not broken at 10.0


The grind was unreal

So just because it shares the T-80 chassis it automatically means it should be at least 10.3 ?
292 has plenty of cons when compared to 80B and only a single advantage.

2S25M has 2.9s faster reload and has access to really good thermals, which paired with 3BM60 at 10.0 makes it a better sniper than 292 in my opinion.
On CQC-heavy maps it’s 10.0s reload is a massive pain in the ass as well.

292 is being balanced by it’s godawful reload speed, lack of thermals/smoke grenades and some inherited problems that all USSR vehicles share at around that BR.

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what’s actually wrong with you?
I can say exactly like that, why do American planes have thermal imaging and 6xAGM-65, Soviets maybe only have 2x Kh-29T? It’s also unfair. In your case I would just shut up and play the game or not.

I’m sure you can explain why 292 should share the same BR with M1A1 AIM, right ?

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Lol just seen one playing 9.0 tanks in a downtier tell that to the guys he dropped a nuke every reply to this post dosent matter a t80 with 700mm playing 9.0 tanks


I’ve been grinding 9.3 with my XM-1s lately, and the Object 292 is not even that big of a problem. They are so easy to flank, the barrel is easy to hit/destroy, you fire faster, and the ammo rack is a death sentence. Plus the XM-1 gets thermals, can fire at speed, and is competitive for it’s br in terms of pen. If you look at the MBT-70, other than the penetration and armor the MBT-70 outclasses the Object 292. Has thermals, 7.5 sec autoloader, fast and agile, good traverse rates, can carry atgms, has a 20mm rooftop MG, can actually reverse, has twice the gun depression, and much better gun laying/turret traverse. The Object 292 is worse in every aspect except for armor and pen when compared to a 9.3. It isn’t at all overpowered or broken, it just has no features other than armor and a high pen gun.


This is IS-7 scenario unfolding once again.
It was 7.7.
Spammed for months
Eventually went to 8.0 because teams full of IS-7 dominated.
Coupon is about as rare as IS-7.

I can’t wait to sell the coupons for 2000GJN each in 2028.

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Ok and? Every kid that killed me was literally camping on the other side of the map with others 292’s. Kill one the other kills you instantly. Even after the fever will go this vehicle will remain as OP.

Wait wait wait, it has 700mm of pen? It can pen the front plate of anything? Thats insane right?

The fact that you said M1A1 AIM made me giggle like that thing is remotely competitive LOL.

Lemme guess, russian main?

Your username choice is very interesting. Keep it up!


He just stated several problems with 292 and your only counter argument is “and ?”. Sorry buddy but just because a vehicle kills you across the map doesn’t mean it’s OP.

It has an amazing round but you’re just straight up ignoring many things that are sub-par even at 10.0, let alone at 11.3 where you want to put it at.

Where did you get this information from ?
Not only you have zero experience playing M1A1s, you have zero experience playing any 11.0 / 11.3 ground vehicle in the game.

Also, you haven’t even bothered to compare two vehicles or list any pros/cons and went straight away to calling AIM to be “uncompetitive”.
You do know you at least need to have some arguments for your claims, otherwise it’s just empty talk, right ?

You’d be wrong, yet again.
But hey, since you already started this, I guess you’re nothing more than a wallet warrior that’s blaming everything else but his lack of skill to justify his below average results.

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