Object 292 ruined its BR

Jesus Christ. It has better armor performance than any other tank at the BR, i dont care what official numbers say this thing has like 800mm of effective armor when actually in game. And the enemy team is 100% object 292’s and every single shot fired by every 292 is a kill 100%. vehicle unbeleivleby strong I just dont see what to do. Cant flank it because all the maps a re a funnel into meat grinder, and you cant kill it from the front even with apfsds to the lower front plate. I have literally shot it point blank with a dart to the LFP and it just ate it. Said thank you sir may i have another. Ridiculous


Just skip that br range, till everyone runs out of back ups. There is another topic where you can find out its weakness

its “weaknesses” of a long reload and bad depression doesn’t seem to affect its success at all in the slightest bit in any way

Look in other topic, this thread will get closed soon when seen by moderator, like the others

What a surprise that a brand new Russian vehicle is performing better than it should at a lower BR than it should be at.

Good thing that BR range was completely ruined already anyways, I refuse to play Japan or anything at 9 and 9.3 until they sort it out.


Been stuck on the MBT-70 for 8 months lol

Don’t worry, 292 will end up like is-7 or 279, so they will give it such a br that it will be unplayable, but gaijn still has to make money on the stock market.

Gaijin can make money with an event 10 times easier and the vehicle selling for $6 instead of 60.

In a lot of cases you’re just out of luck if you didn’t grind these vehicles when they came out, same with air, when they were top tier it was smooth sailing, but now they’re just fodder.

Its a privately owned company

It would be nice if there were a way to earn the vehicles after the events maybe a use for convertible rp, but ik that will never happen.

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No it does not, there are other soviet MBTs at 10.0 with better armor.

but its the only one with such good mobility the t72b’s are not nearly as mobile

Those are 2 of its weaknesses. There is also
1: Bad gun handling
2: No smoke
3: No machine gun
4: No thermals
5: Same weak spots as every other soviet mbt

I have not had much trouble fighting them even with 9.3. I do not know of any maps where I cant get a decent enough flank to negate their frontal armor. It operates on a similar armor rule as the jumbo, “If it shows any sliver of its side, hit it”

The spam will die down just like every other event vehicle.

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with that shell it cannot become unplayable unless it goes to 14.7

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Still strong AF upper plate armor is enough to hold DM23 with over 400mm penetration.


The obj 292 is good in urban battles then rather open maps since the gun lacks accuracy for sniper and the weakness you mention.

10.0 was already ruined by Russia via the Pay2Win, Bias buff coded bullsh*t known as the TURMS, 2S38 and the SU-25. Adding the 292 in is simply insult to injury.

No point playing within that BR range unless you’re playing Russia. Every other nation is just food.

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