Object 279 to 9.0+ when?

Since these “nice” BR changes were made a Centurion Mk.3 can face the Object 279 which in can’t even pen frontally… I don’t know who though this would be such a great idea. But I’m going to leave every uptier that’s against Russia… It’s ridiculous that it’s BR didn’t get changed at all. But that’s just typical for Gaijin


You know what Britain has that can pen Object 279? Chieftain Mk3/5, Olifant Mk1, Vickers Mk3, Warrior’s ATGM…
Maus’s BR didn’t change either.
No heavy tanks really changed because heavy tanks were the primary victim of compression.


Telling me to play a different tank is probably one of the stupidest answer you could give me.
Just because other tanks can pen it doesn’t mean the problem that something like the Centurion Mk.3, that can almost do nothing against it, still has to play against it in a uptier goes away. The Object 279 is to hard to kill by 7.7 tanks.


Yes, as heavy tanks should be.
Not impossible to kill, but hard to kill.
Which is the same with Object 279.
However, above 7.7, so 8.0 & higher, nearly everything has a round that can one shot Object 279.

strv31 can pen obj279 too, when Obj 279 go to 1.0?

Object 279 getting tossed into 9.7 a lot before the br changes, anything with composite armor will resist it’s dated APCBC ammunition, even the .3 Merkavas is pretty much frontally immune to its APCBC rounds, the thing is a menace when going full downtier, so does any other heavy tanks that facing -1br enemies, I mean look at what a half-decent player in a Tiger H1 could do to the 4.3 enemies lol. But when fighting against its equal-rank opponents it is average at best, Leopard A1A1 will give it a run for its money, and totally outclassed it in long-range engagement due to having a high-velocity round and better sight zoom, the TAM 2IP can consistently one-shot it through the ufp, type 74E has solo’ed me in a peek-a-boo 600m engagement, he was always able to reverse back to cover before my dated low-velocity round could reach him, Chieftain MK5 turret armor seems to resist the APCBC, as far as I could tell none of these 8.7 is an easy kill for the Object 279, they all can kill the 279 as easily as it could kill them, the only difference is the post-pen damage which they all lose due to lacking of explosive filler. Then you will meet Merkavas like every other game they walk right into you knowing that you couldn’t pen them frontally. There are currently a lot of downtiers post-br change that’s why the 279s were having a field day because it’s the only heavy tank at 8.7 and its armor still works but it is inconsistent.


Never. 8.7 is too high already because of Uptiers.

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Then why did they have this last BR change then? It’s not like a Tiger 2 couldn’t kill a T-54 “Not impossible to kill, but hard to kill” This is the same thing. Gaijin should have just change the BR spread to 0.7 instead of 1 and everything would have been fine.

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T-54 is 1: A medium tank, not a heavy tank. 2: Was impossible to kill using a Tiger 2 compared to a tiger 2 vs Maus.

BR spread of 0.7 is infinitely worse for the game, and would cause compression.

(edit) - My mistake they did.
RazerVon did not tell you to play any different tanks… You should read their comment again.

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They heavily implied so, all those tanks are a higher BR than the Centurion Mk.3. So yeah, it is a stupid comment.

Also let’s not act like the Obj. 279 was a victim at any point just because it’s a heavy tank; it’s ALWAYS been good. And with these BR changes, it’s a bit too good.

I have to disagree. I think a lot of people get used to being able to pen anywhere they aim on other vehicles with their “modern munitions” - which in many cases still can pen the object 279 anywhere but for some they have it a little more difficult.

This is where you rely on your team, or get a flanking shot on the heavy.

Oh yeah, I specifically gave him British tanks as an option.
In another post to someone else I listed most 8.7 & below tanks that could easily deal with Obj 279 as well.

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Yeah, my point exactly. Im happy heavy tanks are not gonna “remain food to be played” with by those damn light gremlin tanks

Shouldn’t the Object 279 have a HEAT-FS?

Pretty sure Object 279 does not have a smooth bore gun

Even if it does, I think no one going to use it because its APCBC is just superior anywhere. I mean its frequently facing enemies with composite armor so the HEATFS is not going to perform better than the APHE.

They did. He said that Britain has other tanks than the Centurion Mk.3 implying that i should just play these other tanks instead of the that one.
Also not every tank it faces has HEAT. I cannot pen the Object 279 frontally because it has no weakspot for a 84mm APDS

I don’t have these others tanks and even if it still stupid. You want to flank a tank can go 55? with a tank that goes 34? Do you really think that will work?

To me it is almost exclusively 9.7 uptiers, even if I survive I am lucky if I get a few hundred points. This is imbalanced and unfair towards the 279, at 9.7 bracket there are quite a lot of unfair enemies like Merkava’s that cannot be engaged frontally, same with Finnish T-55. And that german DF105 is just completely busted. Object 279 has no place at the 9.0-9.7 bracket.

Edit: 9.7 atleast 3 times in a row now, just looking at an allied Merkava.

Edit 2: Enemy German T-72 in my match. Cmon, no!

Edit 3: Leopard 2k, AMX-30, AMX-32… This is not what the Object 279 ever would have encountered.

Got 1 kill and nothing else, won 11th place and got only around 2.7k RP. I can almost taste the Russian bias and OP-ness of the Object 279, absolutely.

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