Object 120 is unplayable in 8.0! (Fighting against Leopard A1A1, All Chieftains, TAMs, XM, Centauro...)


What do I have to say about this unfair BR change for Object120? It breaks with two fundamental criteria to correctly locate a tank in its place. If you don’t give him armor, give him high mobility! And the object doesn’t have any of these! It doesn’t even have a 7mm machine gun, this is a blatant mockery of the consumer! but it is shameless mainly because the Object 120 is Premium!!! Is this how Gaigin treats those who buy their products with money? offer them a tank in attractive conditions and then reverse these conditions, and turn your purchased tank into a tank as useless as a MAUS in 8.3? Me and all my brothers are stopping playing the game due to the unfair changes with the PREMIUM vehicles. A small detail: you raised the IS6 released in 1944 to 7.3 and the T95 released in 1945 you left it at 7.0… I must assume that the IS6 rose from BR for being a year above the T95? So what should I assume… I’m looking at the M103 released in 1951… That was it with the IS.6 which again, is PREMIUM and the M013 is not.


This last round of BR changes is the worst I have seen. Increasing the BR of ~200 vehicles without raising the BR cap is compression.

Providing relief for the ~6.7 vehicles is great, but it’s at the expense of pretty much every BR from there to ~10. And minor nations, which already had limited lineups have lost many options.


I had not thought about that, they did not increase the BR limit of the uptier, actually this has been a compression! Hey everyone, Gaigin lied to us!

Year of introduction has no bearing on BR.

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I don’t see the issue. It’s a sniper, and it’s still an effective sniper at 8.0. The only armor you’ll struggle with is a hulldown Chief Mk 10 in a full uptier, and even then you can easily get through the breach. You lack a rangefinder, but the railgun of a cannon you have barely needs it. You don’t have a stabilizer, but it’s not like you should be pushing anything anyways. The reactive mobility is still great, and really all you need for a sniper. The armor scheme is still somewhat trolly due to the front mounted engine and a lot of empty space in the hull.

You just need to position with more care than you could against WW2 heavies and early post war tanks with low velocity guns. And let’s be frank, trying to play a tank that relied on armor against this thing, especially on larger maps, wasn’t even close to fair. Especially for those that share it’s BR (T32/E1, M103, Conq, Ho-Ri, etc). You just need to pick your spots more carefully and don’t stay exposed anywhere for any extended period of time. Just like every other sniper at 8.0.


The 120 should have been at least 8.7 anyways. Just because people don’t know how to play it doesn’t mean it should be moved down. 8.0 is generous.


But what are you talking about, it’s a tank that has 0 survivability: giant, no smoke or machine gun, no stabilized … move a meter slows you aim no matter how much you defend that it is sniper.

Its ammunition arrow is not that of a t80 in 8.0-9.0 will suffer.

It is true that being big and front engine, it stops a lot of shots. But you are left lying around like a cigarette butt.

Right now it only has the advantage of being agile for a TD.

Finally, I’m disappointed that they are changing something I bought with money. I bought it because it was 7.3, and I could play it with several of my favorite tanks.

Now, it’s on another level, against other tanks and I’ll have to look for a new lineup. As much as they put it in their legal text. As a buyer it doesn’t seem serious to me


The object 120 was designed to face the chieftain, that’s why it uses such a powerful APDS-FS, it is clear that it has its limitations, but well positioned and waiting, it can be very lethal for even tanks of more than 1 BR of difference.


Yeah like the dude above said it has its limitations. But the gun is very good.

Well let this being a learning curve with WG they can change brs as well as details about the tank at will.

At the same time, with all the BR changes I’m sure WG are testing it out. At least they are doing something. This community needs to be patient.

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Practically unarmored vehicles with no gun depression make for very poor snipers as you’ll be generally forced to expose the entire vehicle to do anything at all. Anyone with just basic APDS can take you out from 2km away with minimal difficulty.
It was absolutely busted at 7.3 but now at 8.0 it is pretty weak and forcibly matched against armored cars that outperform it in every single way

Depends on the location you’re trying to use. Soviet players in particular should have learned by this point where the locations are that don’t require gun depression from the half dozen other TDs with very limited gun depression, like the Su-100P.

It’s especially good at using hard cover on flatish terrain, like large rocks and buildings due to the excellent reactive mobility. You can quickly reverse out, fire your shot and pull back into cover before giving the enemy much time to react. These positions aren’t always available on all maps, but the Soviet 8.0 lineup isn’t small, you have options for maps where the 120 doesn’t work.

Comparing it to the 9.0 and above wheeled tank destroyers that it’ll only see in full uptiers is disingenious. The only one it’ll see with any regularity is the 76mm Rooikat at 8.3. And 76mm APFSDS is enough of a handicap to make the 0.3 BR difference acceptible to me. That’s not to say the 9.0 wheeled TDs shouldn’t go up, most should (The Type 16s in particular). But that’s irrelevant to the topic at hand.

You are answering yourself… a circumstantial tank, which will last until the planes show up. Big and without depression you surprise the first enemy by its speed. The end.
Almost any tank of your tier will be more useful and more survivable.
I think it’s good that there are other 8.0 but if I buy a premiun it’s to be able to use it not only in one out of four maps.

It’s a sniper in a game where that play style is being squeezed out.

Gaijined again seems to me in recent years they have destroyed almost all premium Vehicles for Balance purposes ofc.

So if you pay to skip be aware you do it not to have a decent premium Vehicle to play with and get some RP and SL but for Collection purposes.

Decompression what?
M109 6.0 - 6.3
2S1 6.0 with 400 HEAT-FS
2S3M 6.3
Type 75
Type 99

So Gaijin thinks 8.0 together with Vidar

reason for up-tier APDS-FS that go through every tank and don’t post dmg
HEAT-FS that are a joke
and HE actually work better than 2 above mentioned even if they have less TNT that 6.0s

It’s like buying a Jet at 8.7 - 9.7 and realizing for Balance and Decompression sub sonic needs to fight Supersonic Jets and be Exp Pinata for All-Aspect missile

Easy don’t buy premium Vehicles even the new ones for balance purposes will be up-tiered, nerfed, and so on only thing that is worth is a premium Account

This same with AVRE up tiered twice nerfed sight longer reload and ofc HESH is a joke overall it’s like playing Dice - RNG-based Gaijn Mechanic

Forgot not even MG defended himself every for light-armored enemies helis -planes

+What version of Howitzers like M109 do we speak of because not early versions did not have all the ammo like special HE-VT

Forgot to mention if you shout 10 times the rest ammo need to loaded again from the storage so your reload time in Obj 120 is horible this don’t happent with M109 and other new SPGs this was for balance purpose added with the French now it’s a joke

For other nations around 8.0 it is horrible as well. Played sweden 8.0 over 100 hours and logged all br. The result was an average of 0.742 br up. This is insane. I could play days without getting a single down tier.