OBJ 775 turret rotation

So apparently the new OBJ 775 can fully rotate the turret while having only two crew members.
At the same time, the AMX ELC has the same layout but cannot rotate the turret 360 because “the driver wouldn’t be able to see where he’s going”.

So is it a case of double standards, bug or something else ?

Well, Obj.775 had some system for driver to look forward even when turret rotates. Cupola on the right side of the turret is a part of it

Amx ecl can’t fully rotate the turret on the move iirc

There’s no double standard.

Like the MBT-70/Kpz-70/XM-803 tanks, the driver’s station automatically rotates to stay facing forward. And they see by the optics on the cupola which is linked to the station.

Although the cupola rotation isn’t animated on those tanks, they can rotate the turret fully as well.

The ELC bis has no system like that. The driver station is stuck facing forward and they can only turn in their seat.

That’s a myth, it totally can but the driver would apparently be lost since he rotates with the turret.

What is the br of this pancake again?

Hmm ok I’m not expert but this sounds possible. My bad.

Still sad for the poor ELC though, it doesn’t need an artificial nerf …

On the dev server it’s 9.3 I think.