Obj 292 unplayable, needs buff

The obj 292 is so bad and think gaijin needs to address this.

  • Poor reverse.
  • Poor turret traverse.
  • Low crew count.
  • Unprotected ammunition.
  • Terrible gun elevation speed.
  • Abysmal gun depression.
  • Long reload rate.
  • No thermals.
  • No neutral steering.
  • No ERA.

As such, i believe this vehicle should either have more armour put on it, give the gun more depression and increase the reload speed or if not - then at least reduce it down to 6.7br.

It is simply unplayable. Oh i cant pen anyone either :) fix your game gaijin :)



Thats not even bait, he just threw the whole damn fising rod.


Excuse me, what.

Lol. Lmfao even.

:) dont mind me, just me regurgitating common opinions (maybe slightly exaggerated) :)

Please use already created threads to discuss this vehicle.

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