Obj.279 should get deleted or moved to 9.0 or 9.3 br

Obj.279 is a nightmare for those vehicles with br below 9.0. It can hardly get penetrated by most kinetic or chemical rounds around its br, while it has great firepower and mobility.
Some might compare Obj.279 to ZTZ-88 which is also in 8.7. But the problem is, for most tanks in 8.7 they also have the same firepower as ZTZ-88’s and they can penetrate ZTZ-88’s turret front, LFP or hull sides easily, unlike Obj.279 which can defend shots from the front and sides, at least avoid getting fatally damaged.
So my advice is, Obj.279 should get deleted or moved to 9.0 and above to avoid having emotional damage on its opponents and ruining the 8.7 rb environment.


Could yall please just comment onto the existing topics instead of constantly making new ones. There are at least 5 of these rn.


Move it to 9.0 and reduce the BR spread to 0.7.

Should dropped it down to 8.3 because DF-105 keep killing us.

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Sounds like you’re not very good

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I hope that was just a joke!

It should be at least 9.0, but even 9.3.
Currently every BR from 7.7 to 8.3 gets full uptiers most of the time.
And what is 7.7?
Things, like the Conqueror, Caernarvon, Centurion Mk3…
They literally can’t do anything to that bloody thing, and they will face at least 3-4 players that spawn with the 279. And most of them will have a backup, and an IS-7 too (tho i don’t have issue with the IS-7).
Even the L7 struggles with it, and the brits have no HEAT, that could reliably deal with it.
At the same time the 279 just has to fart in the general direction to any tank around it’s BR to kill it.

This is just sad, that Gaijin had to make again a problem when there was no problem to begin with.
It is just again the wehraboos crying that their Tiger 2 faces HEAT from eraly cold war. But guess what, they still face the exact same tanks as they did before, but at least Gaijin managed to make 7.7-8.3 completly unplayable.

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50% joke, 50% serious bro, the DF105 is a cancerous autoloading HEAT slinger that could easily take out the Object 279 despite .7br lower, also the engine blocks will absorb all the damage, and sometimes the turret have this no-armor-best-armor where your 130mm go right through without detonating.

Up in br, yes. Deleted, no.

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Obj 279 player with skill issue. I see.
Maybe go learn to play instead of crying that you can’t have constantly 20 kill games with that tank.
You literally have a 14.5mm Mg that will shread the DF-105.

With a HEAT round that is
1, slow
2, detonates on every crap
3, has poor damage

If you have issues dealing with that tank, while your has even a stabilizer, much better survivability, and a reliable 1shot machine (even against a DF105, just learn to aim) then the only thing i can say to you: git good


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Who said i have problem killing the 279 with the DF?

You was the one who suggested it to be moved down because the DFs…
If that’s not a colossal amount of skill issue then i don’t know what is.

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Re ently started using the 105 and its a beast. One of my favourite tanks to playbat that br. There are plently of vehicles that can kill the object. Problem is they have become so rare people have never faced them or forgotten where to shoot them. The turret is the easiest place to kill them, same way as most russian mbt at top tiers.

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If it had a LRF sure it could have competetive firepower for long range, but it doesnt, APFSDS beats APHE any day since it doesnt have to deal with volumetric crap.

Its mobility sucks, it almost completely stops when turning and im not even going to mention how bad its turn rate is when trying to turn on the spot. Sure its fast for a heavy but it is not mobile.

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Yes, but that is just one tank. I dont play that tech tree, i am currectly playing britain at that BR, that only has APDS and HESH.
They can kill a 279, but i have to take out the gun and track, and flank to deal with it efficiently, or just HESH the turret (but that is unreliable)

It should stay 8.7.
Not sure why you want to re-compress the BRs after they’ve been decompressed.
You asked for decompression, this is what decompression is.

So many people begging for compression in this thread.

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No. We are asking an overperforming tank tobe moved up, since it dominates battles.

Or do you think that a 7.7 tank should face a 279 80% of the time?

IDK, I played 8.0 mostly after the changes, and my HEATFS eats through 279’s armor with ease.


But that’s the issue. HEAT-FS. And what do you do when your tank does not have that? Pray away the tank?
Or when the HEAT just does not deal enough damage to kill the gunner/disable the breech?

What do you think a Caernarvon can do against a 279? It will get a full uptier like 80% of the time, and there are at least 3 players with 279 (and backups, and possibly IS-7 or T-55AM with composite)

In my experience, most shots that dont pen my 279 is due to people not knowing where to shoot. Like 80% of the shots that dont pen me are from people aiming way too low. The other 20% is mostly people panic firing at odd angles. Of the rounds that do hit the actual turret/hull, about 80-85% of them pen.

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