Nuke Spawnpoint Cost Is Too Inconsistent In RB

Can’t they just make the nuke a fixed 10 or 12 kills? I’m so tired of barely missing nukes because tanks with equal capabilities are labeled as SPAA/Light and therefor give so little reward.

Is it possible that you were in a down tier, thus the cost of spawning your own tanks went up and made it just out of reach? If not then yeah it should probably be a bit more consistent.

Spawn points are earned based on your BR compared to the lobbies overall BR.

I’m guessing this is a 10.3 game, hence the low amount of spawn points for 13 kills.

You can earn spawn points by getting hit and surviving / critting people too.

I know but isn’t that a retarded system? All tanks should give you equal value for killing them.

Nope, its much easier to kill lower tier things than higher tier. It’s a hundred times easier to kill a Leopard 1A5 (9.3) than Leopard 2A4 (10.3). Thus lower reward for killing an easier vehicle.

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