Nuke disappeared

whatever the reason, it’s stupid and it shouldnt do that

Looks like you got destroyed before you got to drop it.

i was alive, check battle log

Then the only thing that comes to mind is;

  1. He shot through your plane and hit the nuke, disabling/destroying it. Technically this should’ve destroyed the plane outright but Gaijin.

  2. Not high enough altitude.

Anyways, making a post moaning about it is pointless. Submit a proper bug report.

it dont happen to regular plane, making exception just for nuke plane is another level of stupidity

it is meant to be dropped in low alt if not gayjin would spawn it on 2000-4000 otherwise it’s just stupid, just like how they remove flare from nuke jaguar

as much as making baseless assumption

  1. This is moaning. It is pointless. There is no assumption I need to make here. If you think it’s a bug then submit a proper bug report because whining like a petulant child will solve nothing. Simple as.

  2. Yes, bombs can be detonated while inside a bomber. I’ve seen it happen firsthand in the game.

  3. More pointless whining from you.

it’s pointy enough to make you reply otherwise just go somewhere else

never happen to me if yes i’d lost so many bomb already, you also didnt send any video proof

then why bother, stop replying

Okay, child. You’ve made it clear you want and deserve to be ignored so I’ll oblige you. Enjoy the shadowrealm, jimbo.

that’s right, go somewhere else, boomer

I think @GNDM_Panzer is right. He shot your nuke and caused it to explode. Due to the nuke not having that much explosive material (in game) it didn’t damage your plane like a regular bomb would.
Also yes gaijin did add the ability for external munitions to be hit and explode destroying the aircraft or helicopter carrying said munition.


funny how it never happen to regular bomber but nuke, another stupid mechanism for nuke beside flareless jaguar

I have seen it happen to regular bombers. Just cause it didn’t happen to you before doesn’t mean it never happens.

i have 127 hours of bomber gameplay, if someone dont give me video proof i’ll call it bs

Read this article:

In fact here is a pic if you can’t find it yourself

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the nuke was inside

The bomb bay was open?

It does happen for regular planes.

Have you ever flown beneath a bomber, pitched up and strafed their belly? If so, you might’ve noticed that sometimes they completely and utterly disintegrate from your puny machine gun fire at their center of mass.

What happened was that you basically ammo-racked them and blew the bombs up mid-air.

This is also possible with rockets, and I presume missiles. I’ve seen people teamkill in yt videos by shooting the rocket of their teammate on take-off.

If you googled it, you might find plenty of threads of people complaining about it:

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