Nuke airplanes not counting as player vehicles causing ticket bleed and game to end (battle mode)

Just had a great game where I managed to get a nuke clutch being the last member of my team. However when I spawned in the Jaguar(the nuke one) the tickets bled as if there were no active members left on the team (in about 5 seconds).

Overall I think that everyone would agree that if they got a nuke in battle mode (not conquest or dom where ticket bleed is meant to be a thing) that they should at least be able to fly and attempt to drop it without tickets going away and that nuke aircraft shouldn’t have this effect on the game.

Just more context below

The timer was not up and tickets do not bleed in battle mode unless you are capped or run out of vehicles, there was a couple thousand tickets left and I was leading so it was not deaths and my zone was nowhere near being capped.

I did not spend time in the spawn screen either and instantly clicked on the next vehicle (the nuke). Tickets bled away after I spawned as I started taking off and it was over before I was moving.

Therefore nuke aircraft must not count as player vehicles as I cannot think of any other reason for the ticket bleed, if so I think it’s a very silly feature which ruined my chance at winning with the nuke and I’m sure nobody wants. (could also be a bug, but I cannot report bugs due to the glitchy steam overlay).

I wish I knew how to get footage or upload screenshots from the replay that actually shows the UI

While I risk stating something obvious, there was a suggestion and plenty of requests in the old forum to suspend ticket bleed/game completion until a nuke event has finished. For now, it has been ignored/not implemented. Not counting as a player vehicle is catastrophic and should not be that way though.

Also, for replays you can go to the War Thunder website and find the replay that this happened and attach it for viewing.

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Often if the last player is on the airfield (in your example you were taking off), the game chooses to end the match (Ticket bleed) because it thinks you are camping on the airfield,

I’ve had similar thing happen to me before, once in ARB I landed, I was missing a wing tip and had a minute repair, 45 seconds or so into that repair, “No active players on our team”, what happened? Our tickets bled and we lost, all because I was repairing and COULDN’T PHYSICALLY TAKE OFF

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ah didn’t know I could do that for replays thank you and I understand, it’s just I could’ve spawned in a few more tanks if I knew spawning in a nuke would end the game there and then