NR-30s are depressingly underwhelming

NR-30 30mm cannon on soviet fly-on-rails aircraft (no aoa) such as the MiG19 and Su7/17/22 are obnoxiously bad. They are going to give you so many hits and crits that it’s just demential. Even with the 3 cannons on the MiG19S you’re going to pray to RNG. They are also very slow and draggy now. Of all the 30mm guns out there, they have negative chance of actually blowing an aircraft into pieces like GSh23L and DEFA/ADEN/Akan M55/M75 do with a single shell reaching the target due to the fragmentation penetrating the fuel tanks and causing a huge explosion.

No, they’re fine, you just got a skill issue. Start aiming and you might kill something.

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“I get one shot by nr30s for stalling myself out so they must be fine” kind of mindset. You can check my two last matches, where I needed to empty all the ammo on a j32 then a mig19 to actually kill them, and where in the last one i head-oned a yak38 whose gsh23l reached me much earlier than my nr30s despite we shot at the same time.

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“A faster bullet hit me sooner than my slower bullet hit him” I don’t know what you’re trying to get at, whilst there are better guns it is still really quite decent. I only have them with the SU-22M3 but I can kill things with it.

3 of them on the 1st Mig-19 don’t seem to have much trouble 1-shooting anything.

That’s what I’m saying, they are fine weapons

Sorry - was meant to reply to the OP - not you :/

su22 mostly capitalizes on rat workflow by ganking on people that is slow and tunnel visioned. Try flying a carry plane like Mig19 where you have to force engagements and constantly use your guns because you don’t have any reliable missile, let alone six of them. The point on velocity thing is that people keep crying over gsh23l despite being way faster than defa and nr30.

do you play it or any nr30 platform to know so? or you are at the wrong end of the barrel?

So you assume I don’t take 1v1s with the SU-22? I’m confused, I don’t “gank” on slow people

I am regularly playing the German Mig-19S, and occasionally the Soviet Su-22M3 squadron plane.

They don’t show up in your statcard at all.

oh joy - a creepy stalker at last!!

If there’s somewhere that shows what equipment I’ve used, and you can’t find htem, then that’s your problem.

NR30 has literally the best ballistics among post-WW2 jet-mounted cannons with the only exception being US 30mm.

im not a creepy stalker, im just ensuring you don’t speak without experience. Besides the fact you’re admitting i didn’t see them properly should already tell the little care with which I’ve looked at your vehicles.

NR30 is roughly slightly less velocity than GSh23L which is without a doubt the best gun in game currently, any hit no matter where it goes will have a 90 percent of chance of killing your pilot as the RNG shows on the protection analysis.

NR30 doesn’t cause fuel explosions anymore, NR30 doesn’t consistently one hit kill 99 percent of times like aden or defa, nr30 does not travel as fast as it did before even when the drag nerf was introduced. Both NR30 and Type 5 have been gimped.
American 30mm are not in this game, so by that you mean NR30 is in fact underperforming in the game compared to the rest of 30mm.

NR30 cannot one shot an Su25, it can’t even deal critical damage point blank. GSh23L on the other hand, does.

LOL no. In what alternate reality, mind you?
First of all, US 30mm are in game for quite some time:

Let me give you some insight:
NR30: 780m/s with v. heavy 400g shell with 30mm diameter. This means basically it will be barely losing speed over distance.
I won’t bother calculating drag coefficients, but we can just use the mass vs nose area for roughly estimate 400/7,06cm^2 = 56,6 (higher is better)
Gsh23L: 710m/s with 180g shell. 180g/4,15cm^2 = 43,34

Gsh23L has NO CHANCE of being faster at any point of its flight towards target.

ADEN f.e.: 810m/s, 250g
And our speed retention number is only 35,4.
MG151/20 M-geschoss sits at 29,3 and slows down from 790 to 363m/s after flying for 500m. Just as a point of reference.
Which means that ADEN shell it will be outrun by NR30 probably after something like 200m.

NR30 also will outrun any 20mm, only something like He-112A0 cannon (950m/s and 130g - most powerful 20mm shell because that’s basically 20mm Flak shell) or US M61 (110-120g at 1012m/s) has any chance but over 400-500m it gets outrun most likely anyway.


heres the thing… the NR-30 is by far my most favourite gun in the game. the ballistics of it are to die for, it barely drops even after 1.3km (moving at mach 1) and while it isnt APFSDS speed, it still is quite fast. the only thing lacking is the ammo count.
i can understand the control surfaces locking on the Mig-19S nd thus aiming is hard, but NR-30s are one of the hardest hitting guns in game. ive taken out too many going near supersonic with one round making contact

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Oh and I totally forgot - the faster you go, the more you benefit from the shell being heavy.
If you’re going 300m/s, the shell is going 1080m/s the moment you fire it.
US 20mm will be going 1312m/s, but it will bleed a TON of speed almost instantly.

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quack, its true, a10 and a7 have 30mm.

Still, my experience with nr30s is mostly clipping wings and having to return for the kill. I have to invest so much time to take down someone that it jeopardizes my integrity within the match. It’s a rule of thumb. Besides the fact that I just came from strafing a T-2 that was barely moving on the runway, got a crit, then flew away, saw he was still doing fine, returned and got just a HIT point BLANK with the rest of the shells then crashed because i was going too fast and too low to avoid spaa attacks.

In three matches before, I took an F3H2 after two passes, then after the 5th kill I clipped an f104a’s wing off that was doing fine enough to refuse to land under my pressure, turned around, we went for a second head on and i missed yet he killed me with the first round. If NR30 worked, they would have effectively taken down the f104a, the t2, the f3h, etc. Sure they’re easy to aim because they don’t spread, but they’re far from being the best damaging 30mm’s in game. AKAN m75 and the guns on the draken will NUKE your targets with a single shell, and it’s only a single gun.