Now that we have the Mig 29 (1983+), Yak 141 (1991), SU-39 (SU-25 Modernization Prototype 2008)

When are we going to get the

  1. F117a (1983)?
  2. F15E (1988)?
  3. F18 (1985)?
  4. F22 (2005)?
  5. F16C (1991)?

At the very least the F15 should have already been introduced if you are going to bring in the SU-39 which was a limited production/prototype.

Or are we just going to keep seeing more and more vehicles flood into the russian tech tree with newer and newer tech before you start filling the missing gaps on older slots for other nations?

These should also be outfitted with ARM missiles. These are long overdue.

F117a needs to be introduced with the AGM-65 Maverick, AGM-88 HARM, GBU-27, JDAM, and more.


NATO has to be kept 20 years behind for there to be some sort of competition it seems like.


I believe it’s been said multiple times that the year a vehicle comes out has nothing to do with when it’ll come to the game. Also, I don’t see the F-22 coming to WT any time soon, if ever… And to be perfectly honest, I think I’d end up getting upset because I don’t see them doing it justice.


They never do anything NATO justice, but they sure do go full science fiction with russian vehicles.


how dare you forget the F111!



I didn’t forget it. I didn’t want to mention it. The first time I j out and get a dude in a parachute I would rage quit for a day. They don’t have the skills to correctly model the ejection system of the Vark. Which is still mind blowing cool to this day.

Oh and its munitions are insane. They don’t exist in game yet.

Cluster munitions to take out 3 vehicles at once? AGM-130? GBU-28?


Let’s say MiG-29SMT coming to major update. I think gaijin might consider F-16CG Block 40 armament 1995 from USAF, F-15C Akef with AIM-120B AMRAAM from Israel and F-15C MSIP II 1995 from USAF

With all the SU-25 versions in game now. We are overdue for a capable strike aircraft like the F15E at this point. We are also long overdue for ARM missiles.

Missiles with IRCCM on a pretty trash airframe, please use your brain.

AMRAAMS will soon be added im sure but stop foaming at the mouth about some planes with crazy airframes being added. My problems are with the aircraft themselves not the armament

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A-10C when gaijin (And AV-8B)

5 copy-paste SU-25s, 2 copy-paste A-10s


To add to this the USA dominated top tier for ages with the F-14A its the cycle of the game

this argument sucks. MiG-23MLD, whatever was before that, whatever was before that, etc. that’s how the game has always worked

Exactly the point being is that its the cycle of the game, America will dominate for a while again at some point im sure

they’re talking about SU-25 which is pretty crap

russia has dominated ground battles since 2020 at this point. Where is the cycle of the game? That cycle doesn’t seem to be much less than a straight line.


you clearly missed the Danger Zone update where the F-14A was added and dominated all of the way up until Apex predators

And at what point did i say the MiG-29 is trash, yes the MiG-29 is the best jet in the game but that’s for now. America will get something that will dominate again at some point. The only reason the winrate of the F-14A has gone down since the time is because the game has moved on, better tech has been added etc.

Im fed up of seeing delusional wishlists from some freeaboos that have no clue how the game works and how it is balanced.

F-15C is 12.3. F-15E is 12.3 - 12.7 with Aim-9s & Aim-7s only. 13.0 minimum with AMRAAMs.
F-22 is 15.0 minimum.
F-16C is 12.7 with AMRAAMs.

Not sure why you want imbalance.

There are no sci-fi “Russian” vehicles in WT.
2S38 has a place in WT just as CV9040s do.

You don’t know the win rate of Mig-29s or F-16s. The fact that you claim both are above 50% proves you’re on flawed data.

Why do you think players playing Soviets have been better than everyone else since 2020?

It’s 3 unique Su-25 models.

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FR as someone who has coming up on 6 nations at top tier i think my opinion is pretty valid compared to someone with 4k battles an mains the USA (That’s my assumption anyway)

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Congrats on multi-tech tree playing.
I’m almost done unlocking rank 8 air for Sweden, my 9th tech tree. Italy being the last one at current.
Gotta get to the top on ground after that tho.

Look at the fact that Russia is terribly backward when it comes to technology, the USA and other countries, they still crush the USSR in matches, for them to have a chance you have to give them a 30-year advantage lol, and seriously, you can see that Russian planes are weak and even have constructions that lose with NATO elders