November sale has to happen ...right? (RIP)

My resources are also very limited now that I have an 8h job. From those 997€ I get every end of the month, almost everything gets wasted by bills. Rent is already 650, another 50 for that german train ticket etc. I do get additional 300, but only on the 15th every month. Kinda sad that with a paid education I am poorer than with voluntary work. Makes me not want to pull an 8 hour job at all…

Sorry, getting political here.

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dont tell me , same country burgergeld is ridiculous


Unrelated but a bunch of discounts just appeared on the tech tree and PS Store

Who cares??

PS store was already since a few days, but psn already having the tech tree sales that is intresting news

Sale is late again this year?

I thought the sale will came with the big update. LOL. WHEEEEEENNN it will be? LOL