Not receiving twitch drops reward

i havent received my twitch drop after 2 days and i dont know why i havent ive connected my account and claimed it but i havent received in game


You receive it when the date is over. As in when there all done.

but others have received them already?

Then i have no clue then.

I still dont have yak-141 skin in game.

Same here, claimed all four and haven’t received any of them in game. I know people who got one or more but not all, some on the first day, some only the second day. Haven’t heard anyone say they got them all.
There was a pinned message on the twitch chat that said there was a backlog, delay and that we would get them. But, when?? Kinda concerning it hasn’t happened yet. Gaijin respond???


I got same problem here, only received barak II, tho i should have all the drops sent on my acc, i watched it for about 7 to 8 hours…

Event on stream they said they were conducting “investigations”
now it’s about 72+ hours streams ended and we still didn’t received our prises …


new info was released on the discord please check it out as they are still working on a fix

Same here, I have claimed all drops on twitch and still nothing on the game… usually I have them in game instantly

same here, got the f16d skin but not the f16C skin, kinda getting a little concerning.

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I claimed all 4 of them in twitch, didnt recieve one of it ingame.

When watching broadcasts of the Air Superiority 4x4 tournament on October 28th and October 29th, some of you may have not received rewards from Twitch Drops, or may have received them partially. We’re aware of this issue and will credit the missing rewards to those of you who have met the conditions for receiving them within a week (until November 10th). You don’t have to do anything.

The Twitch Drop campaign continues: if you didn’t get them last weekend, you’ll have another opportunity on November 4th and 5th. The following weekend on November 11th and 12th, you’ll be able to get new drops with unique cybersport camouflages.

Thank you for your patience and participation!


Hey !

what shall we do if we still didn’t receive our prizes after the 10 ?
Contact support ?

just in case, want to have a safe option

I got the F16C skin earlier! so you guys definitly are working on it, only need the F16D one now^^ got the yak 141 instantly. Timer did stop for some time for the megaphone (another technical thing but that might be on twitch?) but that one isnt as important and the last 2 % i can get in tmws stream

Your’e quite lucky… i din’t receive nothing here :(

For now, there isnt a anser for that question, but im sure Its not needed :D

succesfuly received all rewards by now

Same here claimed all four. But received only 1 F16C

Still haven’t received my rewards yet… @FastGT007

make a ticket to the support