Not receiving twitch drops reward


As mentioned in the post abouve:

Please be patient

Its november 10th and yet i’ve only recieved the skins, no megaphone…

Almost 11th November here. Im about to make a ticket now…


on my side i received everything.
For the megaphone it can be found in tanks decorations : Others

yeah but u need to frist activate teh coupons either way

Yea you get coupons first then only you are able to use it. I just made a ticket, can’t wait anymore.

I didn’t got coupon for the megaphone, it got automaticly activated, for planes yes it’s coupons

Hello, well, I watched the stream and claimed the F16C skin, however, I did not get the coupon, what should I do?

I’ve got all of the skins yet only received the F-16C camo?

I got all the paint rewards on Twitch, but they didn’t arrive on my game account

I still haven’t received my Yak 141 skin, and I already received the skins from the 11th, what do I do?

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i havent received my rewards either


For everyone who didnt got the Twitch Drops, please create a Ticket on our Official WarThunder Esports Discord. Please include a Screenshot of your Twitch Inventory and your ingame name.

We apologize and for the problems.

Hello, I can’t access War Thunder Esports Discord via the Discord link you sent

Just google “War Thunder Esports Discord” and you’ll be able to join from the first link

My skin for smt plz mig 29 @Smin1080p

Got it. Thank you, my friend

I have already applied. When can I finish it

That didn’t help at all, I just got a ctrl+c and ctrl+v message.
Hello there, <@780324870444548136> 👋
We are aware of the issue. More news regarding drops will come soon, so, please, keep following them.
We are sorry for the inconveniences that have occurred and thank you for your patience. 🥺

i havent recieved the following even after a week

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