Not having Auto fire for Navy main guns sucks

You made the game worse. Not better. Zombi players are not the problem. Let me at least select a target to shoot and set back and let my crew do the work. This was the only reason I played the game and you fucked it up.

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You never played naval to begin with, you just wasted a team spot. Game bots contribute more to a match than you do.


This is actually very relevant for the new Soviet missile DD - Bravy. I spend all the time in her secondary missile armament, and would strongly appreciate her main gun being on auto-fire all the time.

Because check out how stupid this is - once I switch to Bravy’s primary gun the fire control has to re-acquire the target and give me the solution. Why? The target has been locked up all the time in the secondaries and now it needs to re-acquire? Broo, just stupid-stupid.

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Why should the game play for you?

Honestly if you need to rely that badly on the ai gunners to play the game let alone the entire reason they are playing the game they should have just done what they have basically been doing the entire time, playing a tower defense game but you do even less, if they can’t sim that is no joke a literally skill issue, they refuse to learn how to actually aim and actually play the game for what it is, they aren’t helping, they are a hindrance at that point since I honestly agree a bot would be more useful at that point. Also any actual player doing it who does it so much they get mistaken for a bot, if they get reported and banned in any form that’s their fault for being lazy and they honestly probably deserved it.

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I personally believe that the main gun Ai should come back.

Generally a ship is crewed by hundreds of sailors, the captain / crew issues orders from the battle bridge, these then translate to various sections of the ship.

If you being shot in WAR / RL you dont just sit there and do nothing lol

I know why you’ve disabled the Main guns (due to Bots in Naval) however you need to find another solution to the Naval Botting issue, as this effects various ships, has @SkySo1dier has demonstrated above, this has an addon effect, which does not make sense.


I’m enjoying it. It’s really made the air game a bit more interesting and varied by reducing what was essentially unaimed player fire cross-map.

As I said on the previous forum, although there’s been no real explanation exactly why they did it, I think our concluding it was primarily anti-botting was wishful thinking on players’ part that something was being done, as opposed to making CAS a little easier in the game being part of the motivation too. Everyone already knew it was going to do nothing against bots because bots haven’t used that mechanic since last year.

I disagree all players who were using AI to fire their primaries weren’t contributing before, though. Sometimes that was absolutely a legit thing to do, based on what you had for guns and what the threat was, and there can still be skill involved in maneuvering and capping for the win. But anything that cuts down the amount of unaimed VT in the sky is a good thing if you like flying.

I did the Masterful Sabrage BP task the other day in something like 10 games in AB. The only things that killed my Pe-8 at 12 kft up were AI Yenots firing 100mm (3), a Hellcat that climbed to me (1) and a Douglas missile (1). No human-aimed guns. That seems… almost balanced?


Try to play BR where are premium top tanks and planes, look at profile players in match.

This is 'fantastic" how many of them using a farming bots

Great gameplay!
this should be automatically banned the same day!