Not able to log in with psn via pc

When I try to log in sometimes with my psn account on pc it says cannot connect to the server with an error code that doesnt match with the error codes from war thunder it self i have tryed to reset the firewall update everything on my pc including the graphics drivers re downloading the game rechecking the files resetting my pc to factory settings nothing has worked. Does anyone have the same issue or how do i solve this issue?

Click on Use external Browser in the bottom left. The internal browser of War Thunder doesn’t support the new Captcha stuff.

Tryed that multiple times but when i log in on that external browser it doesn’t register that in game

Should be able to click Web Login > Then Click External Browser bottom left (Don’t use firefox is doesn’t work right at least for me) then log on using playstation.

If your PSN account is linked to a email you can also do a normal logon using that email account (Normally for used to play on your PC with PSN account).

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Thanks did it whit google crome and it worked

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Web login is not an option if launching War Thunder via Steam. Instead, you can only choose between Steam auto login and guest login, neither of which works.