Norwegian Model 195 Luftvernpanservogn - Kongsberg Protector with Stinger launcher - (Prototype)

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Norwegian Model 195 Luftvernpanservogn - Prototype/test


  • 1x4 Kongsberg Protector with launcher for 4x stinger missiles
    • FIM-92 Stinger
  • 5x Smoke grenade launchers

Weight: 12.3 ton
Length: 4.863 metres
Width: 2.686 metres
Height: 2.5 metres
Crew: 2
Passengers: 11–15 passengers
5083 Aluminium Alloy
28–44 millimetres
Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V53T, 6-cylinder diesel engine
275 hp
Power/weight: 22.36 hp/tonne
Suspension: torsion bar, 5 road wheels
Operational range: 480 km
Top speed: 67.6 km/h
Top speed swimming: 5.8 km/h

This vehicle is so rare and forgotten so it is extremely hard to obtain enough information. here is everything that ive managed to find.
this prototype should still exist, and if it does, it has been stored for many many years away from everyone
The pictrue above is the only one i can find, sorry for the poor quality

Country of manufacture: USA, Italy and Turkey

This vehicle was developed and put into production by FMC in 1960 and was supposed to replace the earlier armored personnel carriers in the American armed forces. The vehicle was originally designed as an armored personnel carrier, but already from the start there were variants such as a bomb-thrower vehicle and a command vehicle

In 1964, the M113A1 came with a diesel engine. In terms of construction, emphasis was placed on making the wagons amphibious and getting the lowest possible weight on it. In service, the wagon quickly became very popular and it has been used in a number of conflicts and by a number of countries worldwide. It has also been converted into a number of special vehicles such as ambulances and various types of weapons carriers. The wagon has also been produced under license in Turkey and Italy. In total, approx. 80,000 vehicles have been produced in the M113 family and is the armored vehicle that has been produced in the largest number of copies in the western world.

Norwegian usage
The first carriages came to Norway in 1964, most were delivered to the infantry, but a good number were delivered to the cavalry and took over for the M3/M5, M3A1 and C15TA. The wagons were primarily used as armored personnel carriers, but also for ambulances and forward command wagons, the squadron’s command wagon. after the introduction of the storm armored vehicles NM135 and CV9030N, the M113A1/A2 was used as an armored personnel carrier in lower priority departments and for special tasks. Vehicles in the M113 family are included in all departments that use armored material, cavalry, artillery and engineering

The first three wagons were the petrol version M113, these were rebuilt to M113A1 standard in 1981. Norway received approx. 100 wagons as weapons aid, in addition 39 wagons were purchased in 1976. 8 of these wagons were sent to UNFIL in Lebanon in 1978. In 1983, 126 American TOW wagons M901A1 were purchased, these were converted into special versions of the M113A2 in Norway . The TOW towers were dismantled and scrapped

Kongsberg Protector rws with an integrated launcher for Stinger missiles, networked with a sensor system via MRR to replace the NALLADS. there were plans to further develop this prototype, where it could be connected with the NSASAMS, but from what i am informed it was parked in a long-term storage, together with a lot of other equipment such as some of the MLRS. proably because there is a lot of discussion around upgrading the military at that time, most likely due to how expensive it would have been.

This is what the Kongsberg protector looks like, here on a armored vehicle with a .50 cal and universal grenade launchers

The Protector RWS is a remote controlled weapon station. The manufacturer is Kongsberg Defense Systems, which has taken over the product and further developed it substantially from the original developer, which was Vinghøg. Protector has been in production since December 2002.

FIM 92 Stinger Missile


Designer: General Dynamics
Designed: 1967
Manufacturer: Raytheon Missiles & Defense
Unit cost: FIM-92A: U.S.$38,000 (missile only, 1980 FY)
($119,320 2020 FY[1])
Produced: 1978–present
Variants: FIM-92A, FIM-92B, FIM-92C, FIM-92D, FIM-92G

Length, At launch: 1.53 m, In flight: 1.37 m
Diameter: 70 mm
Wingspan: 160 mm
Effective firing range: 0.16–8.05 km
Warhead: HE-FRAG
Warhead weight: 3 kg
Detonation mechanism: Impact
Engine: Solid-fuel rocket motor
Maximum speed: 745 m/s (Mach 2.2; 2,440 ft/s)
Guidance system: Imfared Homing



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