Norwegian Model 116 Late

Norwegian Model 116 Late

TYPE: Light tank/Tank destroyer


  • 1x D/925 low-pressure 90mm gun, 41 rounds¨
    -Stowage: 30x front hull 11x turret right side

  • 1x Browning AN/M3 12.7 mm machine gun

  • 1x Browning M2HB 12.7mm machine gun coaxial

  • Norwegian Model 128 Simrad LV3 Laser Rangefinder (90mm)

  • DM2 HC 76mm Electric fired smoke grenade launchers, 8 tubes 4 on each side of the turret, 16 grenades were carried in the tank. all 8 grenades could be fired at once

  • Passive night vision

Lenght: 5.45m without cannon
Lenght: 5.94m with cannon
Widht: 2.82m
Height: 2.61m from top of 12.7mm
Total weight: 18.3 Ton
Total weight battle ready: 20 tons
Crew4 (driver, commander, gunner, loader)
Eigne: Detroit Diesel 6V-53T
Eigne horsepower: 260hp
Fuel capacity: 2 tanks total 208L
Gearbox: Allison MT 650/653 5 speed and 1 reverse (Automatic)
Reloading rate: around 6+ secounds
Tracks: switchable between US T85E1/T85E1 rubber tracks if nessecary

Max Speed: 47 km/h (on road)
Range: Ca. 300 kilometers

Front Armor: 25 mm
Front Side 2/3 Armor: 25 mm
Rear side 1/3 Armor: 19 mm
Rear Armor: 19 mm
Turret Armor: 25 mm
Gun Mantel Armor: 38 mm

Detroit Diesel 6V-53T
D/925 low-pressure 90mm gun, 41 rounds
Browning AN/M3 12.7 mm machine gun
Norwegian made Norwegian Model 128 Simrad LV3 Laser Rangefinder (90mm)
NM (?) Practice round
Highly likely Norwegian made ammunition
Norwegian Camouflage summer/winter
Bushes and Camouflage nettings
New smoke grenades
New radios
New intercom
T85E1 rubber tracks
New heating systems
4 shock absorbers on each sides replaced with 2x more efficent ones improbing comfort and performance
Plus many more wich information is currently unavailable, both bigger and smaller

New muzzle brake T-Shaped
New Sprocket wheel with smaller and less teeths from 13 to 12
Added Grunt phone
Eigne Upgrade (specifics uncertain for now)
Transmission upgrade (specifics uncertain for now)
Added equipment racks on the rear of the turret, hull and fenders
12.7mm Browning AN/M3 has changed position, moved on a mount further back
New Norwegian splinter camouflage Summer
New Norwegian splinter camouflage Winter
Plus many more wich information is currently unavailable

A little history about the M24 Chaffe wich the NM116 was upgraded from
This vehicle was developed as a replacement for the earlier American light tanks. Development of the wagon began in April 1943, serial production began in March 1944 and until production stopped in 1945, a total of 4,415 were built. The wagon entered service late in 1944 and then participated in both Europe and Asia until the end of the war. 1 1950 it returned to active service in the Korean War. France used the wagon to a large extent in Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, the wagon was used by both North and South Vietnam.

Norwegian usage:
The first wagons of this type came to Norway with the Americans
in 1945. When they withdrew. we took over these wagons. They then formed the backbone of our tank squadrons until the M48 came along in the 1960s. We have had a total of 141 wagons in Norway. They served in the reconnaissance squadrons until 1970, after which they were phased out of the cavalry. Most were converted to NM116 (see this). Of those that were not rebuilt, some ended up on firing ranges as targets, some were sold as scrap, while some came into service in the HV and were used here until 1991/92.

Norwegian Model 116
This vehicle was the first series-produced “Norwegian” tank. the basis was the M24 Chaffee, which was rebuilt by the company Thune-Eureka

The background for this conversion was that the M24 Chaffee had become redundant as pure tanks after the introduction of the Leopard. In contrast, there was a great shortage of anti-tank weapons in the army. It was therefore decided to rebuild and modernize the M24 so that it could be braked as an armored personnel carrier, officially. designation became NM116 Panzerjager.

The conversion mainly consisted of a new engine, new drive train, new cannon, new sights and a good number of other changes. The prototype was tested in 1973. In 1975, the first of a total of 72 NM116s was handed over to the cavalry inspector. The vehicles were put into use in the armored service squadrons where they served until 1993. Subsequently, these vehicles were also phased out as part of the CFE agreement.

Most were cut up in 1994, while some went to shooting targets at shooting ranges. Some wagons have also been taken over by the Defense Museum.

The main picture in this post most likely are the late verison, there are lacking pictures of the early verison

Below here we have a nice illustration from tanks encyclopedia showing a picture of how the Late service verison should look like. it has recieved a new and better paint/camouflage, eigne and transmission upgrades and other small changes such as the muzzlebrake new t-shaped one and changed the position of the .50 cal machinegun. also a new sprocket wheel

Left is the new muzzle brake, middle is the new sprocket wheel with smaller theet and to the right is a new Grunt phone

D/925 low-pressure 90mm gun


  • M62 HEAT grenades
    -320mm penetration
    -Norwegian definition: Hulladningsgranat
    -Projectile Weight: 3.650 kg
    -Projectile Length: 0.5m
    -Explosive Filler: 0.67 kg
    -Muzzle Velocity: 750 m/s
    Armor penetration
    -At 0 Degrees: 320mm
    -At 65 Degrees: 120mm
    -At 70 degrees: ----- High chanse of rikochet

  • MF1 HE-FS grenades
    -Norwegian definition: Sprenggranat
    -Projectile Weight: 5.280 kg
    -Projectile Length: 0.48m
    -Explosive Filler: 0.945 kg
    -Muzzle Velocity: 640 m/s
    Armor penetration:
    -Uncertain due to lack of specifications

  • MF1 SMOKE-FS grenades
    -Norwegian definition: Røykgranat
    -Projectile Weight: 5.40 kg
    -Projectile Length: 0.48m
    -Phosphorus Filler: 0.800 kg
    -Muzzle Velocity: 635 m/s
    -Smoke duration 20-30 seconds
    Armor penetration:

  • EXERSISE grenades
    -Norwegian definition: Eksersesegranat/øvelsesgranat
    -Kinetic round

Picture for luberication points for grease, might show important details

Design schematics of the NM-116

M24 chaffe eigne deck left compared to the new upgraded eigne deck of the NM116 on the right

The new Detroit Diesel 6V-53T for the NM116’s



NM116 — ImgBB



NM-116 Panserjager - Tank Encyclopedia (mostly pictures from this site)
The book given out ny the Norwegian Defence Museum
“Motoriserte militærkjøretøy I norge 1905-2005”
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Tankograd Publishing sheet


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Would love to see a more unique variant of the Chaffee in the SWE tree!


Yeah, and honestly while adding a Norwegian sub-tree would be a lot for Gaijin to do, it would be a greatly appreciated act, and add some more cool vehicles to the Swedish tree.


+1 for this and the early version. Maybe this for TT and early for prem?


Jugded out of some of the vehicles already implemented and stuff i have seen developeds/moderators say, i believe having the Late verison in the techtree and the early verison in the premium tree is the most likely way yes :)


Yeah but i think alot are agaisnt it since its mainly just upgraded german stuff and german mains dont take the to kind having a techtree be them but better

To give it practice rounds is quite interesting, enabling you to have a kinetic round available.
Do you have any info on the øvelsesgranat?

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Lots more than german stuff, for that matter only leopards are from germany

Yes, i am working on it, it’s hard to fi d information about it, but once i find i will updaye and post it here
I believe the exersise grenade is made at raufoss as well

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After watching a video of the NM116 where they had taken the turret off, it seems like it was able to carry 30x rounds in the front right side of the hull

Well im very much for norwegian stuff as i am a norwegian but i think gajin would rather add them spread around sweden but hopefully a full sub tree

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Time will show👍


Gajin said somewhere that they wouldt add more then 5 lines to a tree so higher chance of spread (btw the reason is most people wouldnt fit a 6th line in their screen


Yes, but doesn’t mean they wont do it one day :) If there will be more subtrees it would have to be done at one point i believe, if not, more techtrees are a possibility ;)

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Reminds me of the
Super Chaffe.

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Yep, there has been made more than a few variants of the M24 Chaffe :)


+1 Beste M24 versjonen, i love this retrofit!


Considering the age of the video, this might be the Late service

This video was hard to find, and it might be one of the only videos

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