Norwegian F-16AM and Finnish F/A-18C aircraft for Swedish tech tree

Since Gaijin has been following this trend of adding export vehicles to nation’s sub-trees I think it’s fair to give Sweden’s very small top tier lineup a few new aircraft. We got a Finnish sub tree in the Swedish tech tree a while ago with the addition of the Finnish Mig-21 bis being the top vehicle added to the air tree. When the F/A-18 comes to the game very likely in the summer update there could be an exported variant going right under the Mig on the Finnish line. And since we also have some Norwegian vehicles in this tech tree the Norwegian F-16 AM could be added as well as either a premium or a tech tree aircraft. Although there is not yet a sub-tree for norway we could potentially get one.

Finnish F-18 I think is almost guranteed. Im expecting it maybe sometime this year or early next.

You also have the Finnish BAE Hawk as well… No idea what the fins equipped it with, but its a very versatile aircraft. Hoping that will come later this year

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I’m not surpriced gaijin garanteed Finnish F/A-18C MLU 2 in december this year or early 2025 ( Q1 or Q2) but not sure F-16AM MLU from norweign or danish for sweden tech tree



Id rather take that than C&P spam

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Have you seen how many people use the Hawk lol?

Rather that and keep the gripen as the main fighter. Also the BAE is bofors, hägglunds. So it feels better

They did? When did Gaijin guarantee that?

Plenty of users IRL but in WT it would probably just fit the UK and Sweden
the USA had trainers i believe but idk if they were armed