Northrop F-20 Tigershark should have the Aim120A (I'll prove it to you)

I would say, he is better than you at 12.7 he has more than 30k played games, so you are talking to someone who actually knows the game well at ground and air battles, if you have the f-20 (maybe you don´t) you would notice that even trying to kill a mig-23 it´s a big deal, because the f-20 it´s only good at close range(dogfight). so giving the aim120 would help it a lot, you´re gonna face the same problems while trying to evade a missile at 12.0 or 12.7 but at least at 12.7 with aim120 you would have a better chance to hit your target.

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I have all ten tech trees completed for aircraft; All of them.
9Ls are a “meta missile”.

And since he liked your post, it’s confirmed to be opposite of reality and incorrect.

Yeah i can see, when you say meta you mean the a-10 late with 197 kills that you have, because i don´t see you playing too much USA with aim9L, but sure everyone has their own opinion. :) have a good night


F-4S as a bomber!? It’s an amazing 11.3 plane to use as a heavy fighter. 8 missiles, 4 of which are easy-mode aim-7’s. Play PvP with them, it’s pretty rewarding so I’ve been told by all that bought it and flew in a squad with me.

yea but most people who buy top tier premium are those with account levels lower than 30 and does not know how to play top tier jet. F4S is a missile bus and will not win any turn fight. The radar it has is good and aim7 it has is pretty decent but for noobs that don’t know how to play it, they are better off just bombing bases. If you are looking for a missile bus that is currently over performing and can turn fight then you should buy the mig23ML, however there is a flight model nerf coming tho so maybe just stick with F4S for base bombing because it is much easier.

Good luck with that, since none of what you mentioned ever existed. We currently have the best F-20 proto in-game as the premium. Only thing above/better than it would be proto 4 or the proposals, none of which were finished or even flyable. Hell, there’s not even decent verifiable evidence that the extended range APG-67 or uprated F404-GE-100A existed.

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What was the F-20 originally called again?

A-10A late?

I am going to assume you have miss understood my comment, I will clarify. IDGAF if they add one to a TT or not, just that I would prefer that over the F-20A getting AIM-120A

That’s fair, but I’m trying to tell you that we quite literally can’t get a TT F-20, especially when we really don’t even need one.
We already have both the F-16A-10 and F-16A-15 ADF around that BR and with similar capabilities which fill that role perfectly. We have the best F-20 in-game as a premium (protos 2 and 3), and the only other one that could possibly come is proto 1, which is hardly combat capable.

Final thing I’ll say on the matter: there were only ever two paths the F-20 in war thunder could take: event or premium. We’re lucky that as a premium it even got AIM-9Ls (seeing as it was never tested or possibly even cleared for them).

Well… tbf I would kinda like to see a TT version of the 1st or 2nd prototype as it would make a nice 11.3 (or 11.0 after fm nerfs) addition after the F-5E (since it jumps straight to the F-16). Just 4-6 Aim-9Js would be a pretty decent kit imo and a great little addition for the TT.

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I agree with a lot you say, but I think they should have gone F-20/F-5G before the F-16 as they could have copy/paste into nations Northrop wanted sell to (F-16 wins again lol), because boy would it be great to have an F-20 that wasn’t locked behind a paywall.

It would be weird if it didn’t, AIM-9L entered service in the 70s way before the F-20 first flew in the early 80s.

Neither the F-20, nor the Bison should have access to that kind of missile as they are premium planes

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The AIM-9L wasn’t available for mass export until the latter 1980s (It could be exported to a few closer allies, such as Israel, Australia, Britain, etc in the late 80s/early 80s).
The F-20’s primary focus was as a lightweight export fighter, basically an improvement over the F-5E meant for customers of the F-5. Majority of then didn’t have the AIM-9L back then, and only had access to the AIM-9J/N/P.

They most certainly did, unless the Falklands and Lebanon war didn’t happen in 82.

Correct, it is an improvement over the F-5E aimed at existing customers, you did list the correct export missiles, they are second tier weapons that was suitable to-be exported to less than absolutely trusted allies.

Note how I stated “not available for mass export”. Just because a few nations (Australia, a few NATO members, Israel, etc) got AIM-9L doesn’t mean a majority of the F-20’s target audience did as well.

From 1978 until 1982, the AIM-9L was the best AAM the US and allies had. After 1982, it was considered second-best.

As someone with a 1.8 K/D with the F20, I agree… This thing is going to get absolutely clapped after the update. It needs at least 9m’s to be able to compete, or else a lower BR to stay away from the Fox 3’s. Dog fighting capabilities don’t mean anything when you have a low chaff count and measly 9’ls going against full up tiers at 13.0. If it was a TT plane, then sure whatever. I don’t pay for premium planes just to get shafted later by updates.

Yeah, I seen it, but you might want to define mass export next time, because the term “mass export” is NOT a standard term in international trade, so I interpreted as the large-scale export of goods from one country to another.

Never said they did. I told you why they were the export missile, please note how I stated, “suitable to-be exported to less than absolutely trusted allies”.

76 is when delivery and production first started. Hell yeah it was, what was it, like 80% success rate in the Falklands. And before the AIM-9L it was the AIM-9H. Yes, that’s generally how development works. Too bad the mike wasn’t used till the 90s, well I guess is a good thing.

I’ve got some bad news mate.


This whole argument would be moot if we simply had ordnance-based BRs.

Unfortunately that would be a bit hard to balance, and unconventional at the very least. What if you take the wrong loadout into a battle? Not to mention how long it would take to go through and review each possible stammer option per aircraft to determine their newer BRs

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How I’d do it is to have a enable/disable option for a specific loadout item in the Custom loadout or modification page. That way its loadout and BR are determined in the hanger.

Yes that could mean you could make a mistake and a take a 12.7 line-up with a 12.0 CAP (if we use the AMRAAM on the F-20 as example) but then that is just user error in essence.

I’d suggest it be used sparingly. Only on aircraft that could use ARH (like Viggen D and similar) or on a handful of edge case aircraft where previous loadout changes have resulted in BR changes (Harrier Gr7 going from 11.0 to 11.7 in SB with Aim-9Ms)

If used sparingly, then its only adding a handful of new BRs to consider and no more work than adding a second airframe to do the job (like the Tornado F3 and Tornado F3 late)