Northrop F-20 Tigershark should have the Aim120A (I'll prove it to you)

Hello, I want to check with evidence and talk a little more about the subject and I invite you toparticipate

Keep in mind that the F20 now in 12.0 will be facing planes with better IR missiles than yours, with IRCM missiles, with better radar missiles than yours, with active missiles and will have more flare capabilities than an F20 and better maneuverability. . that an F-20 so the plane is currently in 12.0 it is not advisable to buy so you judge and just because it is premium it is not a valid reason not to put the aim120A missiles on it


The F-20 has reportedly been equipped and tested with active missiles. This upgrade is significant in the defense and security domain, greatly enhancing the aircraft’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

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  • Activated Missile Model: Aim120A
  • Tests conducted: “F-20 Tigershark testing with the AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles was conducted primarily in the 1980”
  • Impact on Operations: Equipping with active missiles will enable the F-20 to respond effectively to air and ground threats, increasing its versatility and operational capability in a variety of missions.

Additional Comments:

  • The activation of the missiles has been validated by NFAF-228 F-20 Tigershark
    by Paul Metz
    Publication date 14 de agosto de 2023
    Editores: Craig Kaston, Tony Chong,


  • Lotnictwo Aviation International 1992 Nr 18 page 30
    Title International Aviation
    Editorial Aviation Editorials
    Publication date 1992
    ensuring that the F-20 meets expected safety and performance standards.

  • It is anticipated that
    this improvement will strengthen the strategic position in both national and international defense contexts.
Here you have videos of the F20 carrying this type of armament.


I don’t want a 12.7 minimum F-20.
The thing barely has countermeasures for its current BR.

As proven in Defyn’s videos.


Better learn to flare properly for with Defyn’s latest guide on it there really cant be an excuse.

Granted there will be some unlucky times obviously but point stands hard.


Or other options add next aircraft premium pre-order pack A-6F Intruder with 2x AIM-120 AMRAAM at 12.3 BR after F-20A Tigershark

Thanks for proving my point by citing the dude I cited.

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the f-20 should have its historical armament like the aim-120 because the plane even though it has no flares there are a million ways to fight BVR with the f-20 the problem is that your hands are not enough to learn to fly, just learn to adapt and have fun with what is new not with what you think is right.

F-20 already has its historical armament.
AIM-120 was a proposal, which would make it 12.7 in BR.

F-20 is better in its current state.

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of course I would like the aim-120a because at least I have the balls to fight like you who want to throw aim-9l all over the map.

Play the F-16C instead.


That is true.

Iirc those Aim-120’s are actually mock-up’s and V4 prototype suppose to had them.

Sadly F-20 project got cancelled before testing the actual Amraams, but maybe gaijin could add V-4 version as tech tree in the future.

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Not something I’d inherently oppose.

Well tbh i was expecting F-20 to be tech tree vehicle in the first place.
When they announced F-20 will be a premium vehicle i was quite disappointed, maybe i’ll buy it once sales goes on.


I advise to not buy it, if you are buying it for the purpose of having it then go ahead, but if you are buying it to grind with it then I suggest you buy F4S instead, its MUCH better at grinding US air tree. F20 is f16 but a little worse, not worth 70 dollars. Bombing bases with F4S is much more rewarding and F4S is great at that.


I already finished grinding the Usa tech tree.

The reason why i want to buy F-20 is because i love that plane, it has special place in my heart.


Common ground brings people together, and something I much prefer finding in people.

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Aint that the true.

Were it tech tree or event: yes.
Big no instead, sorry ( even tho im a fan of the plane)

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There is/was different stages of the F20 project.
The one in game simply isnt the F20 capable of fox 3 missles.
The one you are showing of is a different F-20 ,those no the F20 should not get fox 3 missles

Premium’s with AMRAAM’s are still two or three major updates away.

I don’t think the F-20A in game should get aim-120’s, adding an F-5G or F-20A late or some crap with a larger CM dispenser, IRCCM & ARH missiles to a TT is something I can get behind.

TBH I’d be more worried about paying $120 aud to be fox 3 food until the BR gets raised.

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