North Holland

Can we talk about the stupid features of this map?

north holland

This has to be the most asinine “out of bounds” area I’ve ever seen. Essentially if the blue team takes the western fields they can snipe down at the entire map and the red team are forced through a tiny choke point if they want to contest that area.

north holland 2

And see how close the C cap is to the spawn and the spawn detection area? Ridiculous.


All the red zones on that map are not really needed, and are in terrible places. They are also the instant timer type, which is by far the worst type.


i completely agree… the map is already small… let those areas be accessible. They are making the maps smaller and smaller… which Needs to stop

(its fine to have small maps… but even the medium to larger maps are being cut off and other areas closed off… including sniping spots. Whoever proposed this idea should be slapped and much worse should be done to the people who not only didnt disagree with it… but thought it was a good idea and actually… implemented the changes… on a large scale.)


That is why the “river” channel is driveable and its East bank is out of bounds. The Red team can use it to flank the flankers.

I banned it after getting it at 4.3 BR .The pain is yours alone :)

They create a “new” map and the first thing they pop in are fat red no-go areas …


I actually like that map has some cool features, most likely has or will have a wider version would make some people happier.

I played my first match on it today, and needless to say I am appalled.

The redzoning made a map that would have been quite decent into utter trash. Normal size Eastern Europe is a decent map, and this would have been similar to it had it not been for the redzoning over the entire area.


I now find it very amusing that I am the target group for the red zones … After all, when I played the map for the first time, it only took 20 seconds before I saw the first countdown. Shows me very well that they want to prevent flanking …

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yeah. Why make a map that size, when you are blocking half of it anyways.
So you need to make it double the size to have the same ammount of map.
Also, yes, this leads to more issues, than it solves.


North Holland is the biggest disappointment from this update.


I just played one of the versions where I’m allowed to use the whole map, and in those situations, the map isn’t bad at all.

It’s just the [Domination] one that sucks, entirely due to the obnoxious redzoning for no justifiable reason.

Unless you enjoy close combat city figthing this map is utterly horrible.
I’ve given up and sacrified my one ban on it.

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Have noticed that trees appear unaffected by ground fire on this map.

Am I playing this map right? So far all my encounters have been, “enemy team gets B first, then my team is totally slaughtered trying to capture B while being flanked from 26 different locations.” Without even mentioning the wrecked mall and its interior -some glass walls are destructable, some others are made with Stalinium-plated Gaijinum-, I can’t figure a way to win that map without being first to capture B… maybe could switch sides once the winners capture B?